Infini-T Force Episodes 11 + 12 [final]

Sorry for the delay in posting the finale, everyone! The flu is not a gentle beast, but no excuses! I’ll accept any and all responsibility!

Watching episode 11 and 12 back-to-back was a wonderful experience. You really get the chance to see the three biggest appeals of the show at once. Well-choreographed action, a heartwarming, but surprisingly blunt, story, and breathtaking visuals.

Well, it may not be the hit of the season, this show really brought a lot to the table including the best damn usage of CG I’ve ever seen so far. The popularity of this show is unknown to me, but it will definitely hold a special place this season in my heart, at least.

Let’s jump in!

Episode 11 – Independent Flower

What does the future hold

The battle for the future has resumed. Unfortunately, Kaido and the hero squad have apparently been using different dictionaries because they do not seem to be on the same page when it comes to what a future really is.

Using two sides of the same coin, the show has yet again shown its viewers how a subtle difference in outlook can completely change the game. Well, maybe it’s not so subtle. It’s more like polar opposites…

In any case, the ideologies are laid out and I think it’s safe to say that we all know who will win this battle…

Lights, camera, action!

Okaaaaaay. So, based on combat ability alone the Infini-T Force is, well, getting completely destroyed.

I thought it would be a bit one-sided until the emotional trigger to turn the tides but, oh my god, they are just getting decimated. It’s like ants trying to fight… a much bigger ant. That possesses the ability to control everything… I’m not one for analogies.

Kaido’s overwhelming powers are just too unfair! He can just flick them away with a wave. Plus, he’s pretty on par with them in terms of hand to hand combat. How the hell did that happen? While destroying universes, did Kaido also manage to take karate lessons? Maybe he absorbed with another Kaido who was a master of karate? That’d be cool if he was able to take up the skills of the Kaidos he’s absorbed.

Battle for the sun

Emi’s turn is up! While the T Force handles the robot suit, it’s up to Emi now to fight the real fight. The battle of the spirits. Namely, just get her dad to see she’s grown up now. This is achieved through the single memory they seem to have together of drawing a sun on a beach. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a poignant memory to be sure but, isn’t there even one more? Can’t ya just throw in them bowling or eating ice cream or something?

Their efforts did not go to waste though! By finally getting Kaido to realize the power of the red sun over the blue sun, they managed to break through his tough, tsundere exterior. Where have we seen that before? Like daughter like father.

I suppose it’s only natural when you find out that the sun is red and not blue that you go a little bit insane. Like, turn yourself into a meteor and hurtle towards the earth insane. That combo that the team did, creating a giant flaming bird, was actually the pinnacle of ultimate team attack combos.  I don’t necessarily know if it exists, but if there is a top ten list of team attacks, that combo better be in the top 2.


Oh, no no no. That’s not right. Seeing Joji, Takeshi, Casshern, and Friender walk back up after the attack just seems so wrong. Where’s my boy Ken?!

Not a complaint, at all, but it seems kind of odd that they push Ken so much more than everyone else. Maybe it’s just because he’s the grandpa of the group and the de facto leader, but with his more developed connection with Emi as well as being the star hero of the show Ken seems a lot more likable and important than the others. Although, that’s also why I miss him so much so maybe it was all intentionally done.

I watched this in tandem with episode 12, so I quickly found out what happened. Thank. God. If I had to wait a week for this, I’d be in the fetal position every night quietly whispering, ‘Birdo go’ to myself. Not a good mental image.

Episode 12 – I’ll Find…

I think I’ll take the milk, thanks

Ah, the sacred glass of milk. From being the symbol of oppression to the symbol of freedom in such a short turn of events.

Of course, it’s a welcome change though. It represents Emi’s decision to choose the milk rather than being forced to do it to comply with her father’s wishes. It also shows that she’s come to terms with him and has forgiven him for what he’s done.

Uh, Emi, that looks pretty dangerous

It’s definitely nice to see Emi back to a norma- OH, WHAT THE HELL. Emi, you just almost died. Is that shit still happening? Random encounters with death? And you still don’t care, at all? That’s messed up, girl.

I guess, similar to the milk, this change in perspective is meant to show that Emi is still totally cool with dying, but now it’s not because she doesn’t care but… because… everyone has to die eventually? Sure, uh, ok. I mean, the whole point was that you died in every universe, so I guess getting over it early is good. Live life to the fullest, Emi. While you can.

It just seems like an odd point to capitalize on, doesn’t it?

This is nowhere near as wholesome as the milk thing. Can we go back to the milk thing? Let’s just go back to the milk thing.

EMI, CREATOR OF WORLDS (and resident high-school hero)

Finally! The flashback to explain what actually happened back then! After Kaido sees the truth behind Emi’s emotions, he finally decided to end his reign of terror. Probably much to the joy of the heroes, who were readily getting their asses handed to them in the fight. After a sorrowful but ultimately happy farewell, Emi remains with the heroes in a closed-off universe surrounded by space on every side. Using her now fully-grown pencil, Emi wishes back into existence the entirety of what her father had destroyed, deciding to live her own version of the future where new, unknown challenges awaited her every day.

What follows is one of the coolest visuals this show has offered thus far. That network of universes shooting out like stars and then forming the rose, flower thing was so cool! Coming off of the high from the intense bouts of action, this episode specialized in amazing visuals that delighted my eye-holes.

The range is just incredible.

Wait, did Ken really just say that?

It’s finally time for the farewell. In the back of our heads, we all knew this was coming. Unlike a lot of shows, where everyone stays together, has happy-happy fun times and ignores their responsibilities, we knew that this wasn’t going to be one of those. Each hero has a universe to go back to and a fight to fight. Ah, what a bittersweet feeling.

While that wasn’t an unexpected event, did anyone else get really caught off guard from what Ken says? I know the show has developed a feeling of bluntness that I’ve come to love but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this. I’m talking about the moment where Emi says the classic, ‘will we ever see each other again?’ and Ken’s response is, ‘no.’ You’re not supposed to say that, Ken! Even if it’s true!

I get it though. Why get someone’s hopes up. Traversing the universe is probably not an easy task and to do it just to see a friend is most likely not worth it. Plus, Emi has just become semi-independent so by cutting off the chance of future encounters she is more likely to grow and develop.

Emi finding out she was a hero the whole time just like them was probably the cutest I’ve ever seen her. Smiling Emi is for sure the best Emi.



It’s definitely nice to see Emi back to a norma- OH, WHAT THE HELL. So, she still has the use of her powers from the case. Upon realizing she doesn’t want to die, she just dissolves the truck/resets the universe or something. Ok, I guess that makes sense. She mentions she still hasn’t figured out her wish yet, so the case was likely to be unresponsive up until now anyway.

Ken! My boy! Giving her the low expectations of never seeing her again and then surprising her. What a gentleman. And what a good strategy to tackle life with.

What a stellar ending to a stellar show. Running off the side of a skyscraper into a free fall into a portal leading to another universe.

Well, it looks like the show is done now. I slept on this one. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. A superhero series through and through with just the right amount of departures from the typical formula to keep it interesting. The combo of action, drama, and amazing visuals put this show in a class of its own for me.


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  1. Have I told you your posts are a fun read? Cause they are, also this show was surprisingly good, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much honestly. It was my first anime with 3D visuals~

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