Netojuu no Susume Episode 10 [FINAL]

But you know what, it kept things real by simply starting off with holding hands. This episode was so adorable, and while everything wrapped up nicely, I am so, so sad to see this lovely show come to an end. Netojuu no Susume is without a doubt the hidden gem of the season. The way the characters and their experiences were so relatable is what really made this show special to me. Moriko is someone who struggles with her self-esteem, struggling to see she is much brighter than she thinks she is. To meet a guy like Sakurai, who fell in love with her both in the online and offline world was the best thing to ever happen to her. He doesn’t judge her for the fact she quit her job and became a full time NEET, he simply appreciates and loves her for her she is. When he told her today he was happy to have met her, and explained people think of her her more highly than she thinks, and she is fine the way she is, she cried because how much much those sincere words struck her heart.

I swear to god, these two were blushing from start to finish of the episode, and I couldn’t have been happier. Watching these two loveable characters act so awkwardly around each other is adorable, because it’s who they are, and they couldn’t be a better match. One of my favourite parts was the hilarity of how Sakurai was appreciating her wearing over-sized hoodies, it was just so cute his reaction was. Another was when Moriko saw his computer and got all excited about being able to see Lily from his POV, and just gushes about gaming in general. But my favourite part had to be the scene when he wiped her tears with her sleeve because it was so precious, yet SO him! In some stories we’d see someone wipe the tears with their hands, but the sleeve man, that method is so under-rated, haha!

Then there was the way Sakurai was trying to muster up his courage to properly confess to her. He wanted to ask her on another date.It was so cute how he was trying to explain he want them to be partners (aka relationship) in real life as they are online. Poor Moriko didn’t quite catch it the first time, so he breaks it down in more simpler form, of wanting to hang out again like they did today.

I am excited for what the future hold for Moriko as she digs deep into herself to find the courage to move forward and become amore confident person. Unfortunately she is still being haunted by the thoughts of being an embarrassment to Sakurai, but it’s not something that can be resolved overnight. Overtime, with Sakurai’s help, I am sure Moriko will be able to find her inner radiance and appreciate for all she is worth.

Final Verdict: From afar, Netojuu no Susume may appear as an average romantic comedy, but make no mistake, this is Fall 2017’s Hidden Gem of the season. If you didn’t watch Netojuu no Susume this season, add it to your watch-list or at least watch it as soon as you can. If you love gaming or adorable romance, by all means Netojuu no Susume is the one for you! Its touch of reality is what really sets it apart from other gaming related stories, enabling you to connect with the characters and their experiences!

Score: 9/10
Recommendation: High!

Thanks for tuning in every week! 😀

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    1. OH GOODIE <3 Didn’t hear about that! If there’s enough for me to talk about, I’ll be sure to cover it next week! Thanks for letting me know!

  1. It’s not over just yet! There’s an OVA that’s available on the Japanese disc release, and Crunchyroll is streaming it next week!

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