Hataraki Onii-san! Episode 4( Yes, Sergeant, sir!!)

Welp, this was a weird episode. They have yet another part-time job, this time at a rental place with an elephant as their boss.

Kuehiko can’t drive, so he is answers the phone, semi-working on his conversational skills. He is getting so much out of these experiences, I’m proud of him. Why am I proud of cartoon character?

Then Tapio is enthusiastic as always doing everything and delivering that friendly customer service. He’s following the elephant boss around, which they call sergeant. Why tho?


I explained what actually happened in the show, but everyone wants to get down and talk about the koala. He just shows up and changes owners somehow. I don’t even understand that, but at the same time I feel I don’t have to care about where he came from and when. He just drops good advice about a situation, gets taken away by his “owner”, and everyone is left confused AF( the audience and the characters)

What is he eating??? I honestly think it is salami, but at the same time I think it’s part of a joke.

Also, I have another question. How do they find so many openings for short term part-time jobs?? I’ve had the same part time job as a waitress for 4 months now…. and before that I was called in for 4 interviews at 4 different places and never got jobs… okay, then. I’m done. I’m salty ( and bad at interviews).

Then the boss was just weird, the entire episode. He called them privates( like in the army), then he did everything military style, where he would make them repeat stuff and say sir. Then the koala saying the war is over and we learn he was a medic in some war. I was confused about that, but I guess that was funny.

Hmm. This episode was pretty funny, I guess. Maybe I’m missing something.

Chance this show will be a gem: 83%

Chance this will get any funnier that is: 23%

Humor: 3 out of 10( still.)