Although there were some hiccups because of poor weather, iDOLISH7’s redo of their 1st Stage was a resounding success! (Bonus Points for Tamaki not slipping and Riku not collapsing: Though let’s be real, the power going out gave him the much needed breather.) However among the seven, only Tamaki and Sogo stood out enough to be receive not one, but several offers for public appearances. As result, a new conflict arises with Tamaki’s selfish desires clashing heads with Sogo’s selfless consideration for the team.

I am kind of disappointed with the way Tsumugi handled this offer- and only made me even more salty when Iori told her she should have spoken to him about it first. FFFFF— LOOK I LOVE YOU IORI, AND I THINK YOU AND TSUMUGI ARE ADORABLE AND SHOULD GET MARRIED IN THE FUTURE, BUT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP IT!

At this point it is no secret how frustrated I am with Tsumugi’s inability to keep her hands on the wheel. I will acknowledge she handled the power outage of the concert like a boss, but one of the things that is driving me nuts right now is when it comes down to actually managing the group and their schedules, she is not in control. She is giving way too much leeway to the boys when it comes to their job opportunities and public appearances, or if she’s not doing that, she’s probably getting advice from Iori. If she were so uncertain about the offer, what better person to consult than her father or even Banri, at least they have experience under their belt! Seeing her do that would have been great to see! She also needs to learn put her foot down and finds ways to diffuse the fights that come about disagreements.

That being said, I sincerely hope this event will give her character the opportunity to identify her mistakes and learn from them. It is so important for her to recognize how important it is for her take the matters back into her own hands. Although she doesn’t have as much air time, it is equally as important for her to undergo character development, that will in turn enable her to become an even better manager. So I sincerely hope the writers won’t neglect her potential growth.


There there is Tamaki. Frankly speaking, Tamaki is that type of character that takes me a while for me to get used to. While I appreciate how flawed his character is, and eagerly anticipate his future growth, his obsession with puddings, childish tantrums, and bratty behaviour combined makes him rather an irritating character. Although he can be incredibly annoying, I remind myself there is a valid reason for why he behaves this way. Since he was raised in an orphanage, Tamaki’s desire to be on television likely has to do with hoping to be be found. His disappointment of the lack of airtime on television and how he wasn’t even able to recognize himself highlighted that. This is why he could not bear to pass up another opportunity to be on television where he would most likely have the best opportunity to put his face out there in order to be seen. (That scene just broke my heart. He looked like an abandoned kitten with that hoodie on.)

Oh look, another PSYCHO CEO.

Now this is where things get very dangerous though. TRIGGER’s CEO appeared and not only we have a hot-headed Tamaki who will jump at any opportunity that is given to him to be on television, and then Sogo who is quite a fan of Trigger. Between the two, my primary concern is with Tamamki (though there may be a bit of promise with that guarded look on his face, but I am not about to hold my breath for it). Sogo on the other hand, I hope will be smart enough to refuse the invitation. What they really should be doing is run and don’t look back, unfortunately for them, they have no idea just how scary TRIGGER’s CEO is.

Speaking of the devil himself, we quickly learned that TRIGGER’s Gaku is the son of Yaotome’s CEO, and they do not have a very good relationship so to speak. He doesn’t want to be controlled by his father, which I find rather ironic considering he is working for him. But the one thing I am most curious about is whether or not he and Ryuunosuke actually believe iDOLISH7 were trying to steal with fans. Right now it seems that Ten is the only one who understands it was not intentional.

And while we are speaking of my new bias, I was quite pleased to see Ten putting his foot down and speaking up against the CEO’s underhanded plans of eliminating iDOLISH7 altogether. In fact, I am quite surprised he is even able to get away with talking to him like that. Unfortunately for him, the CEO has no intentions of playing fair and is more than happy to get dirt on his hands. Oh and it looks like Yaotome has bad-blood with Takanashi, he is wants to destroy them.

It is probably safe to say we will learn more Tamaki’s desperation to be on air within the next few episodes. The group is starting to think about it so it’s just a matter of times before it all comes out in the open like Riku’s health problems did. Sogo’s backstory however, is something I am not too sure whether or not they want to reveal just yet.


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  1. natsuharuart

    I should give you one line as advice for this story:
    “Be ready to very deep foreshadowing and the plot to come.”
    As I have seen the game story fully, I know that there will be great plot changes and foreshadowing. Also that I won’t intend to give spoilers. Just give warning to get ready to deep story of IDOLiSH7 that has made me go on the rollercoaster of feels.

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