Pop Team Epic Episode 3(The Randomness Ensues)

I watched Pop Team Epic, then watched Robot Chicken, and then read an issue of MAD Magazine. Ahhh.. the similarities.

There are a few distinct parts of the show: JaponMigion, Bob’s Epic Team, Hoshirro Girldrop, Retro Gaming, Traveling(in France), the opening, the ending, and the skits. The opening and the ending are part of the jokes in the show.  I should have figured that out in the beginning….

JaponMigion: I actually have no clue what they are doing. White guy animator says some stuff that is not translated? It’s looks like he is being interviewed, but he looks like he give zero fucks. He probably is roasting the living crap out of the show. But I think he is animating the other short of them in France( which I put in as another segment)

That smile…. I just feel like someone should photoshop him in front of a burning building. That smile is creepy or maybe I got him at the wrong time…

Bob’s Epic Team: A purposely badly animated skit with a pink hippo named Bob. Always hilarious. It just is a funny part of the show.

Hoshiiro Girldrop: The generic idol show with an idol girl who loves Dacchi, her manager, I guess. And the people around them ruin any chance of them falling in love like any generic romcom. I noticed in the first episode that the main character of Dachii didn’t know who Sosogu( the girl in the pink hair who is also an idol) was at all….

The Comic’s Skits: Where the two main characters try to do something normal but something weird AF happens. Like for instance, buying a car. Wait… aren’t they 14?

Retro Game Skit: A Random moment where they show the main characters in the middle of a retro game and something funny happens( they did Super Mario, Kid Icarus, Street Fighter, etc.)

The Opening: Basically making fun of a lot of things( retro anime, retro games, etc.)

The Ending:  It’s cute, but in this episode they had a skit going on in the back. They usually have the two main characters doing cute things like eating ice cream, sliding down slides, and jumping rope.

France: The skit with them in France has appeared in all three episodes, which I believe is part of JaponMigon, but needed to be its own category. Also, when she was skiing with bread, I almost died. Just why?

I think that is it for the segments on this show. I guess… are you ready to take over the world with your favorite idol?


People say when you watch shows like this, your brain cells die. Probably. My brain cells have been dying for a few years now, with that logic. Hmm..

And by the way, the animation is really good. A 7.5 out of 10. Better than half of the shows being animated today. But I guess they are making fun of shows that are badly animated. But they purposely badly animate sections…

Then the part where they get a letter that says ” the show isn’t original enough and they need to come up with new ideas…” I started laughing. I love when shows do that.

When Popuko is try to smash the cuckoo clock and she says ” I will do it in half an hour.” I was really confused honestly, then I just started laughing. And she never smashes the clock by the end of episode…What?

Make sure to come back next week to see Dachii help the idol practice so they can face their generic nemesis.

See you guys later!!

Comedy: 8 out of 10

Chance of Continuing: 99.9%


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  1. Ashley Leong

    The animator’s lines are always translated on the repeat of every episode.

    1. openedpandorabox

      Ah. I didn’t notice that. I don’t usually watch it again..I probably should.

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