DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 5

Wow, talk about opening the floodgates for emotions. It turns out that Hiro is experiencing a certain degree of side-effects. It’s causing a high fever, some blue thing to grow on his chest and prompting extreme pain. We don’t know what will become of it.

That being said, I am really happy Goro finally entered the spotlight. He is one of Hiro’s closest and most dependable friends. Hiro asked him to turn a blind eye to his ailing condition, but Goro is terrified. He doesn’t want to lose his friend, and he knows Ichigo wouldn’t be able to handle his loss either, and it is eating him alive. The one thing that they share in common and can perhaps bring out their inner strength is their determination to protect Hiro. However since Ichigo has opened up to Goro about her discomfort of these foreign feelings that she doesn’t understand (love and jealousy), it seems Goro is also rapidly becoming more aware of these “nameless” emotions as well. At this point, it is hard to tell in what way does Goro care for Ichigo. Is it strictly platonic, or is something more? Truth to be told, I think Goro knows exactly why Ichigo feels this way, and it just adds another reason why it’s so important that they don’t lose Hiro.

A moth caught in the spider’s web accurately sums up Hiro’s current dilemma. The impending mission will make this his third ride – the one that usually ends up killing the pilot, and it’s a fate he is willing to accept. He told Goro that even though he is in pain, he feels more alive than ever, which is just unbelievably sad and pathetic. It was especially difficult to watch Hiro play off as if he is perfectly healthy. In fact it was almost irritating to watch because of how much energy he was putting into slipping back into the “Leader” role that everyone had initial expected him to be.

The only one who was super salty about this was of course Mitsuru, who is still not over the fact he was not the “chosen one”/Hiro.
Seriously this guy has a seriously inferiority complex with Hiro. He hasn’t learned at all, and god knows what he was consuming in the greenhouse. Medicine? Probably, but it looks like he is putting himself at risk for an overdose of his medication with how much he is consuming at once. Kokoro is currently the sole witness. Although Mitsuru doesn’t have a problem of being a dick to his partner, it’s clear he doesn’t want to show this side of himself to anyone.

Ichigo and Zero Two had a small confrontation today after Squad 26’s Leader outburst of refusing to work alongside Zero Two because she went out of control and got them isolated, which resulted killing his partner. Being the leader of the squad, Ichigo wanted to make sure not only Zero Two stays in check and follows her orders, but look out for Hiro as well. However Zero Two being tactless as usual by acting as though she didn’t care what happens to Hiro. This earned her a good slap in the face, but Ichigo probably wishing she hadn’t after knocking off the headband to which she witnessed Zero Two’s intimidating appearance of glowing red horns and eyes.

Regardless of what Zero Two thinks she is, she is certainly not human to say the least. A monster is an easy label to slap on her, given both her reputation and inhuman traits, but has continuously shown us she certainly has a complex with being identified as such. When Ichigo called her a monster, she questioned her, “What is human to you people?” Indeed, a good question to ask when these kids are regarded as Parasites.

However despite her attitude towardsIchigo, I think to some degree Zero Two does care for Hiro. He doesn’t call her a monster, and despite the fact his next ride with her may draw his last breath, he courageously vows to press on forward. It is probable that Zero Two never had a partner like him, that’s why she calls him Darling. She seems keenly aware of the condition he is in, however did not drop any explanation for it. We do however have a hint in regard of his condition, how at the very least it is a unique case where he has developed an abnormal amount of yellow blood cells (not gonna lie: the first thing I thought of was, “Wtf, is that supposed to be “nectar”? given the “flower theme”), and the caretakers are amazed that he is still alive. It said to be the opposite reaction that other pilots who partnered with Zero Two experienced. However they do not know what is the cause, not to mention, Hiro is still under consideration whether or not he will be a parasite.

The joint-operation with Plantation 26 introduced us to another squad who are not only more mature, but also more experienced. With their presence, we were able to witness some questions that may seem silly, but in their world, one to be taken seriously. Zorome eagerly asked his seniors whether or not any of the children in their squad became adults. Squad 26 Leader looked alarmed, until one of his members noted, “He doesn’t know.” The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard this was: They are probably dead. Hell, it’s starting to feel more and more likely that these Parasites are nothing more than disposables. Being orphans with no families to go back to, there will be nobody who will miss/remember them.Squad 26 Leader also made a point of how Squad 13 are quite unusual with how they refer to each other by names instead of their code numbers, their FRANXX have unique designs are “all over the place”, and can’t help but wonder, “What’s the point of that?” which just goes to show how sad their lives are.

As the Plantation “kissing” begins, Squad 13 and 26 are assigned to ward off a horde of Klaxosaur that are coming their way. The magma energy is what attracts these monsters, and the adults was sure to put on a big show and treat the kids like VIPs to give them a morale boost, reminding them Plantations’ fate rest on their shoulders. Sure, no pressure! They will be thrown into a fierce and terrifying battle where they will be vastly outnumbered. it is expected to attract well over one-hundred and fifty Klaxosaurs, and big nasty ones are sure to be in the bunch as well. Frankly speaking, I am terrified for them. Although Squad 13 are lucky in a sense they are not being thrown into the front lines, Squad 26 may just end up being wiped out altogether. That would be one hell of a way to explain whether or not they have a chance of becoming adults.

Finally, I think it’s probably worth to note is how “Papa” is regarded as their “God” so to speak. For their meals, they pray to him, but what also caught my attention (and I didn’t realize right away) is how the boys and girls sat at different tables. They didn’t think much about switching it up until Zero Two nonchalantly steals a seat and acts all “lovey-dovey” with Hiro, prompting Futoshi to sit with Kokoro with the girls. Funny enough they started intimating Zero Two and Hiro, which was quite cute.


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  1. Tammra Evans says:

    Aoi? Isn’t her name Ichigo? Code 015: 1-ichi , 5-go.

    • Eva says:

      Oh dear god, I don’t know why I wrote Aoi! 😖 Sorry about that, been suffering from severe migraines for the last few days. Thanks for pointing it out, I appreciate it! Made the correction!

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