As usual, a cute episode. The first half had an unrequited love and the second had witches, sort of.

The first half had someone named Inui who came into the daycare looking for Midori because he wanted to take a look at his future daughter. That scared and worried Ryuichi into thinking that Inui was having an affair with Midori’s mom because Usaida told him that she is married, but her husband is far off on an archaeological trip overseas in Turkey. But when Midori’s mother told Inui that her husband was far away, he thought she meant that he was dead, but then found out when his love confession was interrupted that her husband is actually alive and is coming home on that day. So it was awkward and sad for him, but Ryuichi and the others consoled him. He was kind of a jerk by calling Midori a “poop factory” but turns out that he’s not so bad.

The other half was all about Kirin. The kids were playing superheroes but Kirin was off on her own coloring a picture of herself as a witch. She claims that witches are real and that all of them should study to be ones, but Taka comes in and yells that witches are real but superheroes are. To show “eminence” (evidence), he showed a picture of himself with the red ranger, and for some reason he was making a weird face in the photo and it had me dying of laughter. Kirin didn’t have evidence other than her story book, but she was going to prove they were real.

By flying. She was real adamant about it, using a little baby broom to try and fly, but failing. Ryuichi tries to help and Inomata as well, but they couldn’t come up with anything. Kirin tried her best to fly and wouldn’t come inside the daycare. And I thought it was really irresponsible of Usaida to ignore her and just start reading her picture book to the rest of the kids and leaving her outside all by herself. And because of that Kirin jumped off the staircase and would have possibly killed herself if Ryuichi wasn’t there. I mean come on! She’s a kid, you wouldn’t think that she would jump off somewhere and try to fly? I’m actually a little pissed that Usaida wasn’t held accountable and scolded by the chairwoman. Yeah I suppose that they want to keep this anime happy with a happy ending, but a child almost killed herself. I kind of wish that Ryuichi would show a more assertive side to himself too.

Of course the episode ends well, but still! Either way, Kirin is a huge cutie pie. If only she had been born in the world of Little Witch Academia.


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