Love letters and festivals! That’s a fun pair and typical events to see in a school anime. We’re going to get the obligatory beach episode next week but thankfully it won’t be like typical beach episodes, which I could also say for the festival episode. Because when we have an anime where the kids are the main characters, it’s going to be safe.

Turns out neither Yuki or Inomata wrote the love letter to Ryu. It was just a nameless girl who we never even got to see the face of. They both freaked out at the news of him finding a letter, and while they pretended not to worry about it, they actually did. The love letter bothered Ryuichi the entire day though, walking around with a red face and acting clumsy. He was acting so strangely that Kotaro had thought his brother had caught a cold and did his best to make him feel better. In the end Ryu turns down the girl because he wants to make Kotaro his first priority. To which I can’t blame him. He doesn’t have parents to look after his little brother so he has to watch Kotaro the whole time, though it is a little sad. Ryuichi admitted that he had some interest in dating, but with Kotaro by his side he wants to focus all his attention on him. Like I mentioned in the earlier episodes, Ryuichi has to take on a lot of responsibilities at such a young age and those responsibilities can get in the way of having a normal high school life, such as making friends and finding love. He had issues with friends until Kamitani joined the club, and now we’ve seen struggles in his love life. It’ll affect him a lot but Ryuichi is smart enough to balance those things out when he wants to. But…he’s also really dense and can’t even see that he’s popular with girls. Oh well.

A fun surprise in the end was that Yuki and Inomata became friends in the end. They were rivals in love but they used their same interest to join together and become friends. And that’s great!

Next half of the episode was a lot more simple. There’s the local festival and Taka wanted to invite Kotaro and Ryu. I found it hilarious that Taka yelled on the phone and Kotaro bumped his head on the phone, but the seller was the way they both held the phones in front of their faces. Oh, and Saikawa being Saikawa.

Kamitani, Taka, Ryu, and Kotaro all hang out at the festival and just as usual it was fun to see the boys play around together. But the drama this time was Taka accidentally losing his precious toy sword and the four of them went around the whole festival to look for it, even looking in the festival’s lost and found. Kamitani was harsh as usual, but he bargained to take Taka to the shoddy lottery stand to make him feel better. It was a lottery stand where you pull a string and you can win whatever prize pops out. Taka takes too long to decide so Kotaro grabs a string and pulls it, revealing Taka’s toy sword. Kotaro is too powerful apparently. The owner had taken it and put it in the prize box, so as a token of apology, he gave the boys the “game console” grand prize….except it was a piggy bank in the shape of the game console. Of course it is. I’ve never been to a Japanese festival but there are plenty of phony games like those over here in carnivals and our own festivals. But they got lucky. You know, it’s obvious that Kamitani loves Taka but he’s pretty harsh with him but I think he’s been softening a bit with him because of Ryu. He even said that if Ryu weren’t there that he would have made Taka give up immediately. I just wish he would be a tad bit nicer. :/

The episode would have ended on a good note, except in the very last second we saw that Kotaro’s cotton candy had shriveled up. I hate it when that happens.


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  1. V

    How come you never use the older Kamitani’s given name? It’s Hayato.

    1. Berry

      That’s probably because the other characters call him Kamitani so much and not by his first name that I just stuck with Kamitani. ^^;

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