Hataraku Onii-san! Episode 6( What is this episode?)

Today, those two were traffic counters.

Me: Hold up. That’s an actual job?

I think I may have heard of it as a job, but at the same time, I didn’t think it was real. They basically count the traffic of cetain things on the road( cars, bus, pedestrians, trucks, etc) for survey pruposes, I think. (Those standardized test questions that say a scientist counted 56 trucks during 3PM and 4PM in the afternoon.. ugh…remember those) Anyways, back to show. So they have spent 3 days at this job so far( what a record. Okay we don’t know how much time they spent on other jobs, but I assume it was one day to fill in for some people. They just mentioned how many days in this episode)

On the third day of their job, they go meet a new boss named Angoromori that shows them river counting. They thought it was going to be normal, but nope.

They have to count rabbits and “crocodiles”. I guess crocodiles was everything else including whales( why are they in a river?), dolphins, and other creatures. Rabbits, I guess were rabbits and nothing special. Their boss was a rabbit-like thing. I guess Tapio could have counted him if he wanted to.

What is that???

Then the koala. Riding a dolphin or a shark dropping some deep words. But do you count him as a rabbit? No you don’t.

This koala has been all over the city. And people seem to know him. What is he even doing? All of a sudden, I thought of Siddhartha( a terrible book we read in history last year and a book about a guy who wanders all over the place trying to achieve Nirvana). In the book, there is guy who isn’t Siddhartha, who has achieved Nirvana before him and he has people following him and he drops good advice everywhere. Well, not everywhere, well just in that part of the book and in that town. He just reminded me of the koala.

When Tapio has a tan? Okay, then. Even Kuehiko doesn’t even understand how that works.

I didn’t understand this episode. So I went on the comments of this episode on different forums and I found something. This Japanese myth story called the Hare of Inaba. It is semi-related to this episode. It is basically about a hare from a clan who tricks the shark clan to line up in the river, so he can cross it to get to the other side. Then when the shark realize they got tricked, they rip off the hare’s fur. In some stories, he has to live as a fur-less hare or he dies. If you want to read the myth, you can check out this Wikipedia page:


That explains that hair growing thing that the rabbit has. He has to find some way to grow back his fur, right?

And don’t use his sun tan lotion.

That’s it for me. Hope you liked this episode and catch you next time!


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  1. Mekem

    There was a reference to Kagewani this episode, one of the crocodiles was a Kagewani (Shadow Crocodile).

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