Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 3( Winter Time!!)

Okay. This episode was so funny, but hey I say that about every episode. I usually start laughing a lot. This time I watched it on the bus, so I was trying to keep my laughs stifled( what a hard task).

The first part of the episode focuses on the heater being broken at the school, and everyone is really cold. It’s negative 1 outside and the wind is whipping( hey! That was first and second week of January for me) I have no clue why the school didn’t cancel classes at all. What was that? One of the schools in our town had a bunch of snow days because their school was old and the pipes weren’t working…(come on!) Well anyways, they tried to find ways to keep warm, which included:

Using Hairo doing sit-ups as a heater:

Heating pads:

And using whatever they could find:

The only reason they stayed at the school because some weird famous school alumni was coming….why? If someone said Rihanna, KSMHR, Beyoncé, Lee Jong Suk or the guy who plays Frame in Make It Right was coming to our school and it was negative 1, I’d be there, just saying. But it was some random guy who told bad jokes and probably wasn’t worth it. People are more famous for doing dumb stuff than for doing smart things. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, think about it. I can always think of the dumb decisions I have done more than the smart ones.

Then the part with that rich kid…. Also, I have a question. Why in anime do they bring their homework to people? Maybe it’s just different in America. If you’re going on a trip, you tell your teachers/professors ahead of time and if your sick, unless your friend asks for your homework to give to you, you usually figure it out when you come to school after your sick. Hmm. Just a thought. I have weird thoughts when I watch shows.

After the crew( Saiki, Kaidou, Kuboyau, and Nendou) come to his house the first time to give him homework, he wants to impress them because he feels like he didn’t impress them enough when his richness. I don’t know, but I thought of Richie Rich for some reason, relevant, but at the same time, totally not relevant.

So he invites them to his house again to impress them with things they like motocycles for Kuboyasu, moving stautes for Kaidou, sweets for Saiki, and (I have no clue) for Nendou. The funny part is Nendou being stuck the cyber-futuristic door for 3 hours. I almost died.

The next part involves them having a snow day. Saiki sees a vision that his friends might die on the snow day, so he make sure all the dangers are removed. The problem is that he can only see a glimpse of the future and not the whole piece, so it the end it was just them playing the “ winter lost in the wilderness” game with fake blood. RIP Saiki. Spends entire day outside for no reason.

Then the graduation ceremony…I was dying. I don’t know about y’all, but it was funny. Everyone else is crying and he is like: “ who daf**k are these people?” That somehow won’t happen to me because I went to small schools my entire life… Everyone knows everyone around in our school. It won’t happen.

I feel like they are making fun of Naruto or any ninja anime. Them Gaara eyes, that girl looks Hinata, Sasuke looking boy….And I think Shino…

Then that terrible school song, what is even that??? Please stop( get some help..)

That it for y’all today. Thanks for reading.