And to think, all of this drama would have been avoided if any of these damn girls checked their own bags.

The scenic shots of Singapore were gorgeous.

This episode was absolutely frustrating for a paranoid person like me to watch. Whenever I go traveling, and I did quite a bit in the last year, I double check everything. All. The. Time. Maybe it’s because my mom is also a little paranoid, but I always check to make sure I have all my things. It’s a little crazy, but I check my suitcase multiple times before I leave the house. I help check everyone else’s stuff, especially since my dad and brother can be forgetful. But what drove me absolutely insane this episode was the fact that none of the girls checked their own bags when Hinata couldn’t find her passport. How? HOW? How did that not cross their minds? But actually, how did Shirase not remember that Hinata gave her her passport that very same day, how did either of them forget? How did Shirase not see it when she took out the one million yen?

I probably sound like an idiot, but it bothered me so much but I’m only being half serious. Also, I relate with Yuzuki so badly. One of the reasons I absolutely hate sharing a bed with anyone is because of people like Mari. I…I understand too well.


While the drama could have been avoided, especially if Hinata had mentioned it much sooner so they could have gone to the Embassy that same day, it was still important drama. Hinata didn’t want to drag the girls down, so she told them to go on without her while she would get her passport reissued and join them later on in Australia, but Shirase wasn’t having any of it. One of the reasons why Hinata couldn’t stand high school was because she doesn’t like it when people are considerate for her. She’s very stubborn and has made up her mind, but Shirase doesn’t like it and takes things into her own hands by going to the airport with the others and trying to change their tickets. This was a great moment for Shirase because it shows how much she’s developed so far. Before, she definitely would have done anything that she could to go to Antarctica and she probably would have left them all behind. But this time, she has a group of friends with her who understand her and care about her, and she feels the same about all of them too. The fact that she would spend her hard earned one million yen and put Antarctica slightly on hold for Hinata shows just how much she’s grown. Her friends are really important to her, and if she’s going to Antarctica, she’s going to go as a group of four at the same time, not separately. It was really sweet. :’)

Another thing I loved about this episode was just showing the girls traveling. Little things like seeing what they do on the plane (Mari playing games, Shirase watching a movie, etc.) and seeing them have a lot of fun in Singapore. The illustrations of the landmarks were beautiful! And I totally understand what Mari was talking about when she said people come and go. You definitely feel that way when you’re in a different place, or especially at the airport. I always feel that way when I’m in an airport because there are so many planes going to so many destinations, where all kinds of people go to. It’s crazy that one day you’ll come back home and sleep comfortably in your bed, while somewhere else in the world, people are going to be doing other things. That’s what makes traveling so much fun!

Another thing I have to note is the durian fruit! They really made a big deal out of it. I’ve actually seen a durian in an Asian market over here, but I’ve never bought it or eaten it. By itself it doesn’t smell, not until its cut. I know that it smells absolutely awful when cut, but I’ve heard people say that it’s sweet and tastes quite nice. But apparently the girls didn’t like the taste?

I’m just curious, but if anyone has eaten durian before, or if you live in Southeast Asia and see this fruit everyday, what do you think about it?


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  1. Kinghumanity

    You don’t need to cut open durian to smell it. But yes, once it’s cut, the smell permeates the entire room.

    I made the shitty decision to eat a small sample from a free sampling stand. My mouth tasted like shit for hours. But hey, apparently some people like the taste of sulfur.

  2. ForgetIt

    As an Indonesian, I can confirm that durians are everywhere. In the supermarket, on the streets, hell, they even make pancakes out of it!(tho it looks nothing like pancakes). And the smell, God, the smell! My brother hates the fruit for this very reason!

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