Not much in terms of content this time around so this will be a quick post. Still, it was fun to see exactly how things work on an expedition ship and what the crew members have to do while they journey to their destination. As we saw from the post-credit scene, the waves were really choppy the closer they got to Antarctica. It was explained that since Earth is a water planet, there are different levels of wind and currents depending where land mass is. Since the Southern Hemisphere has the little to no land, or land that is far away, it makes the waves even more severe. With the area between Australia and Antarctica being devoid of any land mass, the ocean is at its fiercest.

But before they hit the worse part of their journey, the girls get accustomed to life on the ship and we learn a couple things as well. We see them start off with some interviews, and as usual Shirase is a nervous wreck with, pushing the mic into someone’s face without realizing she was doing something wrong. In terms of living on the ship, the girls have to balance their TV work and their work helping out with the crew, in this case, the kitchen. They also learn that the crew has mandatory exercise every day on the ship deck in order to build up their stamina for the harsh conditions they’ll need to face in Antarctica. It turns out to be very difficult for them, all of them astonished that all the other crew members jog with ease. But they face a bigger obstacle as the rocking of the boat causes them to get major seasickness, where it becomes so bad that they’re constantly vomiting and barely have any energy, where they can’t even keep their food down. But Kanae advises them to still keep their same routine until they get used to it.

This gives us a good look into the conditions of this type of expedition. It was great seeing something like this because it gives us a different look into this trip to Antarctica. So far it’s been sunshine and rainbows but because their journey has officially started, we’ve gotten to see a different side to all this and I’m sure we’ll see more when they finally make it to Antarctica. However, I think some emotions are going to pour out too from the flowers we saw from Gin.


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