Hataraku Onii-San Episode 10( Them References..)

Hey everyone!! Today Tapio and Kuehiko are working in a video store! A video store in this day and age…. Really? All the video stores in our town have closed minus the Redboxes and one near the all those car dealerships. The good store for videos back in the day was Hollywood Video. They had everything.

Their boss is a crab named Kanihei and I think he one of my favorite bosses from this series. Just because he was able to give that difficult customers all the movies he wanted with out being extra and he was quick about it.

Great Teacher Onigri!! (For anyone, who hasn’t watched Great Teacher Onizuka, it is a gem and everyone should watch it. If you don’t want to watch it, watch it for the faces the characters make. Also, read the manga, that is also pretty good.)

Nausicca of the Valley… I have no clue what that is, but I’ve heard of something like that.

The Grudge. Still haven’t watch this movie. Should but I don’t want to. I just start laughing during horror movie. One time when I was watching Unfriended, and the ghost made the guy put his hand in the blender and I started laughing for a good 5 minutes. I thought it was pretty funny, even though it totally wasn’t.

But The Mortar, the haunted movie… what is that? Apparently, any DVD store that rented out the The Mortar closed and their patrons were haunted. Then they go watch the movie and that koala pops out of the movie and tries to return movies he borrowed. I started laughing because everyone was scared and even Kuehiko ran away. I thought that was pretty funny.

And when they were restocking the shelves and their boss did it faster than them and they were outta breath and wheezing and Kanhei just keep on going.

This episode was pretty funny in my books. In funniest thing I’ve watched this week, it would be ranked second, just right behind Sound of Your Heart( go watch it, it is literally the funniest thing you’ll see all week) But the funniest thing of this week was when everyone was talking in our math class and my math teacher was saying sarcastic comments under his breath and after he would say them, he would take a giant sip of tea. I almost died.

“Well, everyone always complains they don’t understand things in my class..( tea sip)”

I don’t think anyone pays attention in his class..I try a little, ya know. I should try harder.

Anyways, have a good week everyone!

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