And with this review, I have officially caught up to where the second season is! Throws Confetti But enough of that, let’s get into this review. Oh Jericho… I like her more and more each episode and this was no exception. But I feel so bad for her that Ban will probably never look at her the same way she does him. And the fact that Zhivago and Ban discuss Elaine right in front of her (jokingly too) is kind of insensitive, but it was her decision to stay so can’t say much more than that. Though I still don’t agree with Ban trying to bring Elaine back to life and it would probably be better for him emotionally to move on, kind of like what Meliodas did with Liz.

R.I.P. Zhivago

I also liked that we got to see just how badly Ban feels about choosing Elaine over Meliodas. He’s torn up about it and deeply loathes himself for what he did. I’m glad that Zhivago was there to coax it out of him and give him some well needed fatherly advice. Ban and Meliodas’ dynamic is probably one of the best in this series and you can clearly see how much that friendship has touched Ban. If he had gone through with killing Meliodas, I don’t think he would have been happy with Elaine if she had come back and he would have pelted himself with even more self loathing. There’s a lot of maturity on Ban’s part to recognize that he hasn’t been a good friend to Meliodas since he’s always the one to be forgiven. Zhivago’s advice can be applied to almost anyone. “All the self-loathing won’t do you any good. Don’t keep it all inside yourself. Let it all out. And ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart.” True words of wisdom right there. Made even more heart-wrenching by the fact that those were his last words to Ban and with a smile on his face. Zhivago can truly rest in peace now…

King… I really did not like him this episode. I understand he’s paranoid and stressed, but the fact that he’s doubting Meliodas right now is a bit much. Especially when you find out how they met, which is farther down the line so I won’t say more. He felt so demeaning and above it all, that it was honestly pretty hard to watch. Not to mention King demonstrated a pretty scary ability by being able to make any wound grow to be more severe in mere moments. I can’t completely blame King for how he was acting, since Meliodas is hiding things about his past, but that does not justify King’s aggression. It’s a difficult situation where you can’t pin the blame on anyone, but also no one is completely in the right.

The sheer amount of power that was taken from Meliodas is ABSURD. And come on Meliodas, you know King is paranoid towards you and you throw out ominous lines like “My power has finally returned to me…!” Have some tact! Anyways, while I like Galand, it felt like justice when Meliodas beat the living crap out of him. Considering all the damage he had done a few episode prior. That’s one way to do a greeting. But with this little revenge beat down, we get to see how much power Meliodas originally had and is able to combat the Ten Commandments on equal footing if not levels above them. That was one glorious warning I have to say. Now, if only King was there to witness this little event because it is pretty clear that the Ten Commandments downright DESPISE Meliodas. Even with the new information of Zeldris being Meliodas’ brother. (That still doesn’t answer why their voices are voiced by the same guy. WHYYYYY????)

This episode definitely felt like a mixed bag of heartwarming yet bittersweet father-son bonding, “King stop you’re being a douche” and “justice has been served to Galand.” Overall, I did like this episode despite the cringey King moments. But the positives did outweigh the negatives and I’m looking forward to where all of these new developments will bring the plot. Especially since we have a zombie problem rearing its head.


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