We finally see who that girl in the opening is! It’s the psychic transfer student named Mikoto Aiura!

I love how Saiki makes fun of story development in this part. Hey look, yet another transfer student! Now, we have to remove another useless character out of there. I was laughing. I love how Takahashi is not on this list of characters to be axed. Seriously. No one likes him, but it’s great comedy that no one likes him and he’s just a piece of trash.

Mikoto can read people’s fortunes by reading their auras. Yumehara got flamed, but we aren’t going to act that wasn’t true. She doesn’t confess to the one she loves, but dates useless guys. Hey! That’s me!

We learn that the only reason she it at this school, is because she felt like her soulmate is at this school and it’s Saiki, but Saiki is like “ Oh he** no!” I also love how when she is explaining the guy she likes, the classmates don’t try to find Saiki and try to force them together. There is only one with pink hair I can see in the cast with those initals..

So the next day, Saiki skips school and uses clairvoyance to figure out what is happening at school. I love how in the background, his parents are trying to figure out what’s wrong with him… “ no you ask him.”

Meanwhile at school, Mikoto is still trying to figure out who her soulmate is based on the aura of the people. She reads Kobeyasu’s aura( because he wasn’t there when she arrived yesterday), and she got him on point. And no, Kobeyasu is not her soulmate.

She also checks other people auras like the people no one likes Takahashi and Nendou( Takahashi deserves not to be liked, he stole peoples wallets in the first season and in the manga, and Nendou is just dumb and not good looking, but he is good person.)

Then Teruhashi’s aura. Dang! Let’s just ignore those black feathers because her aura is so sparkly..

Saiki realizes something. The only reason she can’t read auras when he is around is because his aura is 200 meters wide and covers everyone’s aura. As long as she doesn’t see him fat away when he is by himself at a distance, he’s good. It almost happened.

Time Loops! Saiki often gets stuck in time loop ever since he went back in time 20 years ago a few episodes ago. He gets stuck at a certain time and then it repeats its self a bunch of times. And he has to tell his subconscious to unstuck himself. First, he gets stuck in a time loop with Nendou and Kaidou talking about getting something to eat and he is able to get himself out of that quickly. Then he gets stuck in a shorter time loop of Kaidou not wanting to go to the pool and screaming at Nendou. Then there is a big time loop where a kid runs out in the middle of the road and Nendou tries to save him. In order to get out, he has to change to course of events without realizing he’s doing it.

They are making fun of something….I should know this. Come on Pandora, you’ve watched almost 40 days worth of anime…

It take 16,783 tries to get out of the last time loop because of the short window. RIP Saiki. Somehow everyone survives this mess.

The way he got out of the pool time loop was to slap Kaidou in the face. I thought that was funny AF.

Then Saiki’s neighbor Yuuta, he’s back!! But he is getting picked on because he kicked someone.

So Saiki changes into a 5 year old and helps him out, by telling him to apologize to those kids for kicking them. He also shows him a vision of his favorite character, to get him to apologize.

Also the funny part is that, the vision of Cider Man( Yuuta’s favorite hero) asks him “ what is similar with all heroes” and he said “ They are all made by the same company” I almost died.

5 year old Saiki is wearing suspenders?? He looking real dignified. Or old fashioned. Either way, it’s all good.

Yuuta tries to thank Saiki, but Saiki runs away before that. He must not like bugs.

During this show, Saiki has a nice side where he helps people like Yuuta and then he has the savage side, which he uses on Teruhashi. Teruhashi got a bunch of people to look for him using her charms in this episode, but Saiki was invisible right next to her and drinking her vanilla shake( “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it’s better than yours..” You know everyone thought of that) and making faces at her, just because he could. What a savage.

Don’t worry, Saiki is doing the right thing. He can see her terrible personality and so can Mikoto, by the way.

What if Saiki went out with a another psychic? Just a thought. But I don’t think Saiki is interested in romance at all, his a** wants to be left alone.

Okay I’m done here! See you all next week!