How would you define friendship? It’s not exactly something you can describe easily, you can just feel a friendship forming. Or you might not even notice it form at all. Sometimes you can get to know someone and proclaim “Let’s be friends!”, or, in this case, no one says that and it just happens. Friendship really is a weird thing, and Yuzuki looks at hers between Mari, Hinata, and Shirase after she learns that she landed a leading role in a morning drama.

It was actually really sad to see Yuzuki whip out a literal contract so they could prove their friendship. Worried that if she takes on the leading role, she won’t have that much time to hang out with the rest of the girls, and to ensure that they’ll always remain friends even when apart, she made a contract. It goes to show how much her career really affected her growing up, thinking a contract was the way to go. But the girls don’t sign it because they know it won’t matter because that’s not how things work. Yuzuki is the type of girl that looks at things logically. If things are not straight out told to her, or shown with proof, she won’t believe it or trust it. She wanted the rest of the girls to come out and say they were best friends, she wanted to know when they decided they were, and she made a contract. But the thing Yuzuki didn’t understand was the emotional part, which is the most important part. And I don’t blame her with the way she grew up. As a child actress, she didn’t have time to stay in school and create deep bonds with anyone. And when she actually tried, people would only be interested in her just because she’s a celebrity. It’s a lonely and sad life. It makes sense for Yuzuki to feel and think that way, especially since she’s so desperate. For the first time in her life she’s found a group of friends that like her for who she is, not because of her celebrity status. Her desperation just shows how much she treasures them.

I’m glad that Yuzuki got an episode, though I feel like maybe this conflict could have been thrown in another episode. But like I said I like that she got this episode because I felt like the other girls overshadowed Yuzuki so it’s great that she got her time to shine since her intro episode. And they celebrated her birthday. :’)

I wonder why they wrote it in English?

This episode also marked their first day in Antarctica. Because of the lack of maintenance for three years, they had a lot of cleaning to do, and of course they had to carry plenty of boxes back and forth. The penguin scene in the beginning was hilarious and I’m glad they got to see one up close. We got some “world building”, learning what certain buildings were and how they were maintained, the weather and the lack of nighttime, and the kind of work they would have to be doing every single day. Really interesting to watch and learn about so that’s always fun to watch. And lucky for them, especially Yuzuki, they each get their own room and Yuzuki won’t have to listen to Mari’s strange sleep talking.

With the way the show is going, we only have three episodes left. People are guessing we’ll get a second season as it’s impossible to just end this series in three episodes, and I’d have to agree. That’s why I mentioned maybe they could have left this drama for a previous episode because there’s so little time left. If we’re going to get a huge feels bomb soon, we’ll need another cour to fully flesh it out.


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