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Greetings from one of the new team members, Tsuyoku here! I’m very excited to be writing for AAB and I hope we’ll all get along.

Like many anime fans, I watched some anime as a kid: shows like Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, Saint Seiya and Speed Racer were a staple in local channels. I didn’t think of them as anime back then, though, they were just cool cartoons on TV. My true anime journey started in June 2007 after watching Ouran High School Host Club for the first time. I found it so funny and entertaining that I quickly branched into other titles.

Soon enough I was reading manga too, trying to find out what came next in a show I had finished and finding new stories to get into. Some of them were amazing, some gave me lukewarm feelings and I had to figure out why. This whole process got me into thinking deeply about what I liked in stories, what could make a story good or average or even bad for me and analyzing how these things could be identified as quickly as possible.

Eventually real life forced me to slow down my anime and manga consumption, but I never really stopped. In 2016 I got back into anime more than ever! In the last 2 years I decided to slowly catch up on shows I had been avoiding for years and I also started consistently following seasonals. Nowadays one of my pleasures is to look forward to new shows and rejoice in how full of possibility they are.

A few of my favorites shows include Terra e, Space Brothers, Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Planetes. The fact that they all involve some kind of space travel at any point in time is nothing but an odd coincidence, of course! As for manga, the never dethroned One Piece and my precious Hikaru no Go are the most relevant mentions when it comes to favorites, but my list of loved-manga is ever growing.

To close this, I’d like to say that I really look forward to blogging about one of my favorite topics ever, I’m not very experienced in this area, but I’ll make up for my lack of experience with abundance of enthusiasm.

See you space cowboy.

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  1. Irina

    Congratulations! This is exciting indeed. I look forward to your posts

    1. Tsuyoku

      Thank you so much!

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