Well, it was more like Tomoyo’s nostalgic viewing party.  ;D  (Watching Sakura die from embarrassment was cute, but at the same time I can totally sympathize with her because I would’ve been in the same state if my friend did that to meeeee  T_T   )

In this episode, Sakura and Meiling are getting ready to meet up with Akiho for a visit to Tomoyo’s house. Sakura’s doing Meiling’s hair in a new style, and Sakura reveals that she’s worried about how Syaoran’s doing. He had texted her earlier and told her he was fine, but of course text doesn’t reveal emotions very well.

So Meiling pulls out her phone and calls up Syaoran. After she checks up on him, she passes her phone over to Sakura who talks to him briefly.  It’s a cute scene, one many viewers who have a boyfriend/girlfriend themselves will understand. Syaoran reassures her that he’s fine and that he won’t push himself too hard.  Sakura feels relieved upon hearing his voice and his insistence that he’s ok.

On to Tomoyo’s house!  I’m so jealous of Tomoyo, man. Her family is so rich… O_O   That house is massive!   On another note, I always love seeing Sonomi’s reaction whenever she sees Sakura. I know there’s reasons for it, but because Sakura’s mother Nadeshiko is no longer alive, I kinda think of Sonomi as a surrogate mother for Sakura. I’m sure Nadeshiko would be happy with that idea too.

Tomoyo leads her friends to her family’s in-house movie theatre. Their own movie theatre! And the feature film of the day is… haha, it’s the play Tomoeda Elementary put on back in Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card (aka the finale of the original anime series). Not only that but Tomoyo was able to get some of their theatre group’s rehearsals on film. With lots of focus on Sakura and Syaoran, of course. 😉

And omg, the feels in this scene! They were such babies! * pinches their cheeks *  At the beginning of Clear Card-hen, I admit to thinking that Sakura and her friends really didn’t look a whole lot different compared to the original anime. And when you think about it, there’s less than a year timeskip between the end of the second film and the beginning of CCH, so there wouldn’t be many changes. I just have to learn to reel in my expectations sometimes.  But after seeing this old footage from the second movie, and comparing the character cast to how they appear in CCH… yeah they’ve grown up a little. Now I know how Fujitaka feels when he looks at Sakura sometimes, omg  >>;     I’d forgotten that Sakura used to wear those little red-ball hair ties too!

Anyways, Akiho is over the moon excited at getting to see Sakura’s starring role, plus all the rehearsal footage, but Sakura’s dead embarrassed. Like if she could melt into the theatre chair she would. When there’s a break in between clips Sakura tries to distract Akiho by mentioning Tomoyo’s solo from the festival, and Tomoyo cues it up when Akiho confirms that she’d love to watch it. But oh man you can tell Tomoyo’s not happy to be watching something that doesn’t have Sakura in it. xD   Sakura’s embarrassment is dampened somewhat by Akiho telling her that she’s amazing.

Suddenly the lights go out and the room starts to shake! Earthquaaake!  (ahahaha see what I did there?  #dadrhyme )    Sakura secretly transforms her Clow key and puts Akiho to sleep with the Snooze card. Meiling remains behind in the theatre to watch over Akiho while Sakura and Tomoyo hurry out to see what’s happening. In the hall they bump into Sonomi and the family’s security team, whom Sakura also puts to sleep with Snooze.  Sakura asks Tomoyo to stay with her mom because it’s safer for her to stay behind, so a disappointed Tomoyo puts Kero in charge of filming Sakura using his head-mounted camera.

Sakura quickly activates Flight, and together she and Kero fly out of the house and up to a higher elevation. From their vantage point they can see and hear that everything is shaking, and it’s not clear which card could be causing this much trouble.  If it’s even a card at all…

I didn’t realize that this episode was going to be a two-parter (in regards to capturing this particular card), but the preview for the next episode looks really exciting and I’m very much looking forward to it  Sakura and Meiling will even get to fight side by side, just like old times! Yuna D Kaito looks like his powers might include using cards too, if that’s what the pink-haired girl is. More and more details about Yuna and his magic are slowly being revealed and it’s making me anticipate the end of the season even more!