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*#&$(*@&$I@#@#$(@#*$ GOD. @#*(!@#ING DAMNIT. ICHIGO.

I lost all respect for Ichigo this episode. It was her selfish feelings that created this mess in the first place! NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF THEY HAD JUST LET ZERO TWO AND HIRO TALK IN THE FIRST PLACE! She even had the nerve to blush and act cute around him when she basically ordered the squad to make sure he doesn’t see Zero Two, and neglected to mention she did not grant her permission to see him either. This whole episode was like reaching one of the “Bad Ends”, and now Zero Two and Hiro are separated and well @#$* everything!

What was even more frustrating was seeing Zero Two deliver the final blow to herself. It’s hard to watch because the girl doesn’t know how to communicate properly. And we know this because she couldn’t even speak in the same language when she first met Hiro! After god knows how long, she was finally given the opportunity to see him thanks to Goro and Kokoro siding up with her, under the fair condition they are all with her with she does so. However it was also due to keeping the two apart and keeping Hiro imprisoned in the hospital room that prompted him to find a way to escape so that he could finally talk to her.

This causes a huge misunderstanding where Zero Two thinks they had tricked her, and takes it out on the squad members. I am glad we didn’t have to witness it because it would have made me sick, especially knowing Kokoro and Goro (my two favs) suffered at her hands as well.

In the end, all because of Ichigo’s orders, everyone suffers, and possibly could have almost been killed. Zero Two as Hiro put it, let the ugliness and bitterness take form, and allowed herself to become a monster by beating the ever living shit out of the squad. And he wasn’t wrong, in fact he was right on point and I am glad he said it. You can’t tell her she’s not a monster after does that. In Hiro’s eyes, Zero Two is not a monster, but the action that she took today is what made her the monster she doesn’t want to be.

Oh and it get worse!!! Even after that, Ichigo would not stop! SHE CONTINUED TO BE FUCKING SELFISH!!! Zero Two accepts the decision to leave the squad and return to the Nines, and Hiro is absolutely devastated to lose her, he is crying from the heartbreak and wanted to chase after her, BUT NO, LIKE A BLOODY LEECH, THE BITCH HAD TO LATCH HERSELF ONTO HIM, AND FORCES A KISS ONTO HIM!!!!!!! She goes on about she absolutely refuses to let him turn into a monster, she’d have to die before she lets that happen!





This is precisely why I feel like Ichigo doesn’t actually love Hiro, but the idea of Hiro she has in her head. Rather than love, it is an infatuation with the version of Hiro that named her. The fact she can’t accept him turning into a monster proves that. If she loved him unconditionally, that wouldn’t scare her, she would promise to support him instead. And not just that, if she loved him, she would want him to be happy, and right now, she doesn’t give a rats about his feelings, his heartaches, and is pushing her own selfish ideals and desires onto him.

I don’t know what kind of ending we are in store for this series now, but it’s not looking pretty. I don’t know how Squad 13 is going to fair in the upcoming mission with the Nines, it’s going to be a dangerous one as usual, and it’s certainly not gonna help that Zero Two doesn’t give a shit about them anymore. And on top of that, not only Zero Two and Hiro won’t be there to bail them out, but now that Ichigo confessed her feelings, and Goro unfortunately witnessed half of it (proud of him for not sticking around to see the whole thing), I can’t imagine their synergy will ever be the same. And as much as we’d love it for Goro to have love, it’s not going to be with Ichigo.

But most importantly, within the chaos that unfolded this episode, there was an important detail that should not be forgotten. Hiro spent some time reflecting on how things changed after having tried to run away with Zero Two when they were little. After he was sent back to the Garden, he went from the one of the special student to one of the ones with the poor scores. He had lost his wings, until she was finally reunited with Zero Two, where the two of them could successfully fly together. Another pressing issue was what perhaps enabled him to be her partner in the first place, and Hiro believes it may have been because of the time he had licked her wound. And perhaps that is one part of enabling him to survive. This was the pressing question Hiro wanted to ask her: Did she know that he could do it the entire time? Based on what we saw on her side, the answer would probably be no. For some reason, despite having her memories, Zero Two did not realize the Darling she had been looking for all this time was in front of her all long.

In other news, I am so glad Hiro quickly addressed Mitsuru about the forgotten promise. Fortunately Mitsuru had already started to move on from it, and told Hiro he had long forgotten about it- surprising to some degree, but it could have been his way of providing comfort to Hiro.

Ughhh, my heart hurts so much… I am not okay. I JUST WANT MY BABIES TO BE HAPPY DAMNIT!!!!!!!!

See you next week.


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  1. Kdfe001

    I now wonder how Ichigo thinks she’s going to ensure Hiro pairs with her, and what she thinks is going to happen to Goro. Are Nana and Hachi even going to agree to break up a pair that “works,” to beat a dead horse, i.e. the already-failed Hrio-Ichigo pairing? If Hiro fails again to pair with Ichigo, what does she think is going to happen to him – does she really want him to hang around and be a fifth wheel just so she can play dog in the manger?
    Not only did Ichigo break up a paired couple, she also will cause at least a dozen men/boys to lose their lives pairing with Zero Two. That is Ichigo’s real crime, knowing or unknowing.

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