Hataraku Onii-San Episode 12 & 13: They’re hot? [Final Impression]

Season 2, confirmed for everyone who wants to know!! (and the crowd cheers)

Episode 12 was technically the end of the show and Episode 13 was just an extra episode telling us about that season 2 and what the voice actors( VAs) thought of the show.

So in last episode they work in a cake shop during Christmas and Kuehiko spends most of the time inside cutting strawberry and Tapio is outside taking people’s reservations.

I think in America in general, cakes are not important. It’s the cookies( well, at least in my family) Cookies are great( esp chocolate chip ones and black and white cookies.) Okay, I’m done.

Anyways, Tapio asks Kuehiko if he wanted to hang out after work and Kuehiko says no, but he says he’ll come by tomorrow( which is a giant change in his character). And Tapio looks so happy:


The reason Kuehiko can’t hang is because his mom’s birthday is on Christmas Eve( Ouch. It’s always an L to have your birthday near any major holidays). So he and his sister celebrate her birthday because she forgot about it. Aww, my heart melted!

And mom thinks Kuehiko works too much, but he was like “ Working is fun!” That personality change. Who is this guy?

The koala is accurate:

When you make money, figuring out what to do with it pretty fun. Amazon? Uniqlo? Ebay? Chinese Food? A $16 calzone? Lotion? Presents for your parents and other people? Kuehiko realizes he needs to spend the money on things he likes as well as things for other people, which is interesting. He wanted to bring this mom to a hot spring.

That was good ending, but since there is a season 2, I want more.

The Voice Actors were actually kinda hot. WTF? I have weird stereotypes, but part of me thought the voice actors were going to be ugly.

All voice actors in the world: ( shot in the heart) How could you say that?

I’m sorry everyone, I have bad stereotypes, where I have no clue where I got them from. A lot of voice actors are real actors too, so I really shouldn’t say that.

All voice actors in the world: “ Thanks for the support a$$hole!!”


I love how the guy who plays Kuehiko kinda dressed like Kuehiko a little. He’s dressed in blue and has headphones. And he also didn’t say much during the entire episode, the guy who played Tapio said all the stuff. Accurate. At least, he didn’t have the ” I’m here so I don’t get fined ” face, he looked relativity normal.( If you don’t know that old vine, go look it up on YouTube, it’s pretty funny)

Then the cats running around behind them:

and the actors feeding them weird loilpop treats.

Also, don’t forget to buy that soundtrack! I didn’t even listen to the music almost the entire show. Since it’s subbed, I usually mute it and play other music behind it. Sometimes the music is relevant, but a good 60% of time, it isn’t. When I writing that blurb above about Voice Actors, Eminem was playing and one of the lines was “ Thanks for the support a$$hole!!”, so I used it. I should probably go back and listen to the real music of the show in my free time, right?

Overall, the show was pretty good. It took awhile to get into it because the humor wasn’t too strong( it was like that McDonald’s coffee strong). Then it started getting funnier where it upgraded to a “ I brewed Maxwell House at home” strong. The humor wasn’t a “Starbucks” or “ I’m in South America and I just got coffee beans and I’m grinding them now” strong, tho. I just confused everyone, right? McDonald coffee is watered down and weak and Fresh Coffee is strong and aromatic. Just saying.

Also the koala, tho. We still don’t know where he comes from and even why he’s here. He probably an alien like in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! , and everything is orchestrated by him. Okay, that is really far-fetched. Would this show do that? Nah, I don’t think so.

This guy…He said that tongue twister 2 times. Damn. Best part of the episode.

Overall rating for this show: 8.5/10 ( I don’t grade harshly, ya know.)

Will I watch Season 2? 70% chance

Will I buy that soundtrack and/or anime discs? 5% ( Thanks for support a$$hole! – animation company, actors, TV station, and everyone else involved)

Will you watch the show again to hear all the music and voice acting? 30%

Would you buy a poster of this show to put up in your room? 1% ( Again: Thanks for support a$$hole! – animation company, actors, TV station, and everyone else involved)

I’m sorry, even though 70% of anime’s profits is a the merch. I barely buy merch, even though it’s a show I kinda like.

Thanks everyone for watching this show and dealing with me. Seriously, I wasn’t nice to this show, but now I feel more positive about it.


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