Learning to develop and expand your quirk in theory is like working out a lot, ripping your muscles and letting new stronger ones grow in. Except it looks a hundred times more painful, as you have to push your body to the limit. Being destroying your vocal cords, upsetting your stomach, bleeding from the head. You force yourself through the side effect of your quirk and keep using it until the point where it grows.

Which is the training that Class A and Class B have to go through. If you think their training stops there, you’re mistaken. Because on top of working through their quirks during the day. They also have to work together and make their own dinners. The first night’s dinner, curry. Somehow I find myself reminded of Persona 4 and am hoping to myself that nobody ends up turning their curry into mystery food X. Luckily this doesn’t seem to happen. Midoriya, determined to understand Kota more and maybe help him heal from the trauma he is undergoing follows Kota to his hide out spot and brings a plate of curry for him to eat. Though Kota wants nothing to do with Midoriya, or his curry.
Midoriya discovers that Kota doesn’t just hate heroes and villains, but quirks and the superhuman subculture all together. Midoriya wants to connect and understand him, help him in some way. He tries to open up by explaining his own circumstances thought attributing them to ‘His friend’ who struggled being quirkless. How he tried to do everything he could to be special, to have power, like everyone else. Kota is still not interested in hearing Midoriya out. Midoriya can’t help but wonder, what would All Might say to Kota? What can he do to help this boy? He even asks when All Might and the other teachers will show up to the training camp.

Aizawa explains that they cut down the staff to prevent less people from knowing where the kids were and since All Might seems to be the villains prime target, it would be foolish to bring him along.

Too bad for them this was pointless, as the villains are already there and take their time to strike during the Test of Courage during the third night of the training camp.

So to follow the general tropes of a training camp, on the third day they are told they are to set out on a test of courage. Class A vs Class B. It would start with Class B scaring Class A and then switch over after everyone had gone. So they draw lots to pair up and with the ‘Extra Help’ students gone. They end up with an uneven number and Midoriya ends up without a partner. I couldn’t help but giggle as Midoriya counted over the students and pairs twice in his head realizing that he had no partner and would have to face heading into the forest alone.

It cuts to a group of Class B students, talking about how well they are scaring the Class A students. Having just encountered Bakugo and Todoroki’s group, who’s general response to the girl popping out of the ground was a shudder and an “Oh.”.
Then they state they smell fire. Which honestly, is super clever. We know and they quickly find out that it’s a quirk of the villains that is causing the smoke. However, having been just talking about scaring the two guys with fire powers. It’s entirely possible that they could think that one of them started the fire by either accidentally setting off their quirk in fear or using the fire to scare Class B back. Apparently, the villains got more foreshadowing in the anime then they did in the manga, so the deception isn’t as good. Who cares though? This is the stuff we are really here for! You know it, I know it. We’re here to sit and watch the fight between these rookie heroes and the League of Villains. We’re here to watch Midoriya run off and protect Kota on his own, probably without telling anyone where he is going.

We’re here to see Uraraka and Tsuyu fight Himiko! On that note, if anything happens to these two adorable beans, I riot. I love you from what i’ve seen Himiko but you leave those girls alone!

I’m not sure about the rest of the match ups. Still, 10 villains vs all of Class A and B and the small handful of pro-heroes they have at their side! I am all kinds of hype to see where this is going. There should be a lot of action and development in these next few episodes. In this episode I really just skimmed the best and most important information. There is a lot of subtle character depth in the way Todoroki acts. How he uses both parts of his quirk without a lot of hesitation, even going over to light the fire to cook the curry.
I think so far, he’s the character we’ve really seen the most growth in. I hear he is still getting growth and development to this day in the manga. I can only hope we see the same kind of growth in the other characters soon. I think his brush with Kota will be a sort of turning point and growth point for Midoriya’s character.

I have this feeling that the League of villains is going to try to recruit Kota. Though I doubt he’ll be any more interested in becoming a villain then he is in becoming a hero. I still think they’re going to try, either that or he is going to accept himself through this brush with villainy and Midoriya’s attempt to fight to protect him. There is so many ways this could go and I’m excited to see how this will pan out.