With the final exams over and summer upon us, it’s time for the summer training camp. Before that, some recapping of the previous seasons and a good natured romp at the pool. Mineta and Kaminari invite Midoriya to go to the school pool with them for some ‘Endurance training’ and if you believe that for a second, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. You know they wanted to go to the pool to peep on the girls as the girls had a good time.
Why bring Midoriya? Well they didn’t think they’d get approved to use the pool if they didn’t have one known diligent student with them. What they didn’t count on was just how diligent Midoriya actually is and find that he invited all the guys from their class to come and join the endurance training.


So while the girls get to chill, play and have fun as they booked the pool for sunbathing and a good time. The boys train, and begin a contest to see who can swim the length of the pool the fastest. Swim being, in this case, a loose term for crossing the pool as fast as you can because other then Midoriya almost none of these boys actually touch the water.

The episode is sprinkled with flashbacks of things from previous seasons, mostly through the characters talking about all of the things they’d been through together. There is a nice segment that runs down the quirks of everyone in the class as presented by Aizawa-sensei, which is good for learning the names and quirks of some of the characters you might not remember as well as the core cast.

As the boys have their swimming contest, the winners of the three rounds are of course the eternal rivals. Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki get ready to see who between them can cross the pool the fastest, their quirks are set and suddenly their quirks as erased as Aizawa-sensei comes in and tells them that it’s 5 P.M. and their time at the pool is up.
So we will never get our answer on who is the best.

This episode was basically a lot of set up, history and fluff to get us ready for the real season that will kick up next episode. The beginning and ending of the episode with the villain Shigaraki setting up telling us that a new game is about to start. We also learn that the location of the summer training camp has been changed at the last moment and is highly secret in an attempt to keep the information from leaking to the villains. Which implies that U.A. suspects that there is someone leaking information over to the other side. I’ve heard rumors from my manga reading friends about the idea that there may be a traitor or a leak among the students but to see it actually bought up and represented in the anime is interesting.

The official website for My Hero Academia confirmed on Saturday that we are looking at a 2 cour season with 25 episodes total which will give us time to cover a decent amount of material. I have been watching the anime exclusively so I only have some small ideas of what lies in wait for us in this upcoming arc.

So until Oki can come back and cover for season 4 if she wants it back, i’ll be covering My Hero Academia season 3 for sure. Let’s head to training camp, repeat after me everyone.


Possibility of watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed!

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  1. zztop

    The traitor/leak thing hasn’t really has much focus in the manga story yet, IIRC. It’s more of a background thing for now. (It’s been a while since I kept updated with the source. If I’m missing something please update me.)

    I recall an author’s note from the mangaka on why he doesn’t do detailed bios of the villains in the manga’s extra materials, compared to the good guys.
    IIRC it was a “fear of the unknown” reason – the more mystery surrounding them, the more menacing and intriguing they’ll be to readers.

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