Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 4 – Horror Is In Session

It’s back! The horror of this show, where they kill people left and right. I love how they let a character think some thoughts and then they kill them. I think that is kind of funny, but ever so cruel. But the thought is always something dumb…like “oh, I can show them..” or something like that.

I love that scene where that Pitbull-looking ghoul came in and Hotel Room Service started playing on my playlist. Ay!

“Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room..”

I was dying then that b*tch realized she was being sold. Haha. I thought that was funny. She was confused for a hot moment, and then she was like “let me contact my team”. Then she tried to contact the team, and she realized she was in crate. Ouch. She was catching Ls. Then since she looked like a half ghoul, a bunch of people were trying to get her and she got stabbed. She better learn how to use her powers real quick, otherwise she’ll die soon.

Honestly, I believe this whole auction thing was a front to kill a bunch of CCG agents and to have a battle. Am I wrong? But like all set-ups,  some people didn’t know about this, but at the same time a bunch of people did.

But I felt like the auction was cruel in general. They basically kidnap people and sells them for millions of dollars. Like the slave trade, the ghouls who buy the people probably sell them to other people and so on. If the halfie ghoul was sold, I think they would try to use her for fighting, and then after they realized that she couldn’t fight, they would sell her into prostitution. Just saying,

I felt bad when they said kill all the ghouls in there, but at the same time, if you’re selling people into slavery or buying people, you should probably die.

And the Torso guy, is creepy AF. I was like okay then. I mean calm down… And other guy who was trying to get the halfie for his master was also weird and German. He also needed to calm down. It reminded me of one those movie fights for the girl. I thought that was funny( don’t worry I find everything funny during a horror show, no need to be alarmed).

A bunch of people are about to die in the coming episode, which is for sure. But in every episode, they mention something about not being afraid of dying and doing what you have to do and stuff like that…

“There comes a moment where you come in contact with God… And God is unfair…”

Also, who is that guy( I’d like to think he’s dead).. I have no clue, but at the same time, nice quote from a character I don’t know. I need to read this manga instead of reading Saiki or DC comics.

Also, the clowns… they looked like savages by the end of that episode. It’s funny the way they killed people. They kill comically because they are clowns. More reasons to be afraid of clowns. A couple years ago, someone started that killer clown rumor and people kept on saying they saw the clown…. That was a weird October. And then a bunch of people were afraid of clowns. Ah, man!!

Overall, I think the next episode will be interesting. What is Juzho’s relationship to Big Madam( I don’t remember)? Is halfie going to live a free life or is that German guy going to get her? Is Haise team going to advance ahead? How many people died in this battle? How many ghouls? What does Aogiri Tree want out this battle?

He’s a boss a$$ b*tch!!

So many questions, but we all have to wait til next week.


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