Tokyo Ghoul:Re Ep 1: People getting Savaged Left and Right [First Impression]

Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode One(People getting Savaged Left and Right)[First Impression]

Okay, wtf is even happening, anymore? I’m confused(I didn’t read the manga). So the Haise guy has Kankei’s kagune, I believe?

There is half ghouls(quinoxes??) fighting dangerous ghouls?

The daughter of the Mado guy is still around. She is salty.

I love how they have the kagune of old ghouls embeded in human souls without destroying the human part of them. They can still eat real food, which is kind of interesting. But why would they do this to humans?? I feel like makes no sense. A good part of CGI doesn’t like them because they are basically ghouls in themselves….

Then the savage daughter of Mado( I think she’s the daughter or part of the family). She has reason to be salty, her dad was killed by a ghouls back in the day( back in the first season) and I believe the rest of her family was killed at some point. But she really didn’t needed to punch the guy for not killing a ghoul. She was like” You’re a weak leader, you should kill every ghoul. Kindness kills.” That is basically what she said.

They can’t kill every ghoul, but at the same time that is their job. I think there are some good ghouls, and they are not all bad, but they just kill them all for no reason, which is a waste of resources. Who is paying for CCG, again? The government, which is people’s tax money then?

Then those 2 team members…Urie and Zanshi. Urie thinks Zanshi is dumb and he thinks he can manipulate him, but I think that will backfire real soon( and he doesn’t like Zanshi).

Urie is also obessed with advancing in the CCG and I wonder how that will pan out. He probably will fail and be demoted by the way he’s doing it, to be honest. He also doesn’t think highly of this team leader/mentor Haise.

Haise seems interesting. He has Kankei’s kagune, but does he get some of Kankei traits with that? I thought Kankei was a good cook in the story. He can also make coffee and he also a bookworm. I wonder if we will see those traits…. I don’t think Haise can eat. I haven’t seen him in eat during the episode.

And Ms. Hori Che. We all know that’s a fake a$$ name. But she is double agent: selling information to the CCG and then telling the ghouls that the CCG is after them.

She says she has information, but I think she only has limited information. Not too much, but enough to lead them on. I think she is just feeding them little bits of information and tricking them. That will also backfire later in the season.

Also, the Torso fight. I didn’t really like it that much because I feel like it wasn’t exciting enough to watch right now. I think it’ll get better over the season, though. I felt bad because Urie started eating himself to get his kagune to work, I felt like that was a little much.  The Torso started laughing at them, out of pity and I was like “ What a savage!” And then there was another guy who showed up and is also about to savage them at the end of episode. Is that the same guy or a different one. I’d like to assume it’s a different one.

Overall, this season will be interesting. I’ll give it a try, but if I hate I’m going to drop it real quick, faster than a good mixtape dropped. I want to see how that whole Haise thing plays out and to see Urie fail( because that will be great) I also want to know what happened to rest of OG cast!

Everyone probably thinks this season will be trash.( I just keep on hearing that)

Chance of Blogging: Moderate (6 out of 10)


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3 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Word is Ghoul Re will directly adapt its source manga, while ignoring the last season’s events from Root A. The Japanese apparently have been heavily promoting the 1st Tokyo Ghoul series in the lead up to Re’s anime (Ghoul’s still at peak popularity over there).

    On Root A’s poor performance, director Morita Shuhei claimed in a recent Reddit AMA that higher-up interference was to blame for Root A’s problems. His claim was that Ghoul’s creator Ishida Sui specifically wanted to go anime-original for Root; but the top insisted on faithfulness to the manga, which constrained his execution of Ishida’s request.

    Here’s the excerpt.

    Q : A lot of people criticize your directing decisions for Tokyo Ghoul, if anything what do you think people do not understand when criticizing your decisions? In other words, what is your response to the criticism of not following the manga, etc.

    A : To complete (Root A’s) aim of Kaneki joining Aogiri, we needed to make some changes. Ishida (Sui)-sensei also urged me to change stuff and go a different route, which is where a lot of the anime(‘s changes) came from. We had a massive bubble of ideas, but… it constantly felt like those ideas were being chipped away at by those above me (…who didn’t want…to affect the lore of the original manga). I tried my best, and I honestly don’t have any regrets given the movement space I was allowed.

    • Pandora says:

      that’s interesting.
      For some reason, I watched the entire root A.
      That director can’t blame one person for the mess that was root A. A least they are fixing it by making another one.
      Now, people are wary of watching TG because of that mess. Ugh, that makes me mad.
      I noticed I can watch entire seasons of bad shows…(Maiyoga, Make It Right Season 2, etc.). I’ll probably watch it even it’s bad because I want to see Urie get savaged by someone.

      • zztop says:

        The previous director is no longer handling this season.

        The impression I get is that he’s blaming those people because they really didn’t give him any room to properly implement his and the mangaka’s vision for Root A, instead limiting it to the manga scope instead. I can’t say if a fully realized Root A would have been better, but a (artistic creator) understandably gets frustrated when they’re forced to compromise resulting in a lesser version of what they’d planned. I believe you’d see the same things being said in some Hollywood expose interviews on why certain movies went bad.

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