Iida has a point and I entirely understand where he is coming from. It’s painful for him, who was saved by Todoroki and Midoriya when he ran off and did something selfish similar to what they are trying to do now. It’s painful for him to look at one of his best friends injuries and remember his own brother, who is so injured that he will never be able to work as a hero again. He has a point and has every reason to step in and yell at these boys for wanting to act so recklessly.
Leave it to the pro’s. However, knowing that they won’t be talked out of it so easily. He decides to accompany them to the villain hideout. Yoyorozu with her newly produced tracker also goes with them, however, she is also with Iida. This should be left to the professionals. Somehow though, Midoirya, Todoroki and Kirishima think there is a way that this can be solved without any combat. Rescuing a hostage without combat, it sounds impossible honestly and it probably is.

They travel to the town where the Nomu’s symbol is being transmitted from.

When Yoyorozu brings up a fairly good point. They are really recognizable, they are the students of Class-A, who performed on live TV at the sports festival and had a lot of publicity from the USJ incident. So it’s time to stop by the shop and grab disguises. I’m sure most of them are supposed to either look like other anime characters or just flat out stereotypes.
Midoriya has the gangster thing going on.
Most importantly to me though is the fact that Todoroki looks like the spit image of Mukuro Rokudo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
I’m not exactly sure what the other three have going on, but Yoyorozu seems to be enjoying herself and honestly that’s what matters right? A rich girl getting to go into a costume shop and buy disguises with her friends?

As they leave the shop and try to test their personalities to their new outfits. They are stopped by a TV broadcast in which Mr. Vlad, Mr. Aizawa and the Principal are giving a television interview. The public view of the school seems to be in the absolute gutter. They are being treated like the bad guys in the eyes of the public because of their failings in being able to properly protect the children.
It forces the group to come to terms with the fact that what they are doing is only going to hurt the schools image more. Yet still, they are determined to move on and keep trying to save Bakugo.

While they work on this. The pro’s are steadily gathering. All of the Pro Hero’s we’ve seen up to this point and some that we haven’t gather to begin preparing for the raid on the League of Villains.

Meanwhile, with Bakugo. The League of villains is still trying to convince him that he should join their side. That they have a lot in common and he has more to gain by being a villain. Shigaraki is even so cocky as to tell them to remove Bakugo’s bindings. As he is free from his bonds, he immediately attacks Shigaraki. Blowing the hand off his face.
Bakugo screams that he would never want to win by becoming a villain. The kind of winning he wants, is the kind where he is always the hero. A flashback shows us a child Bakugo watching All Might on TV. Admiring how he never loses.
That kind of hero worship. That desire not to lose and that desire to win as a hero no matter what. Would never allow him to become a villain.

Shigaraki does not respond to Bakugo. He’s staring at the hand that has been blasted off his face and is now sitting on the floor. He utter one word, ‘Father’ and the episode cuts.

The episode preview shows the group showing up to where the transmitter is coming from, yet, Bakugo is not there. The Nomu creature, as we’ve seen in the episodes prior as we’ve observed Bakugo at the League of Villains HQ is not with them. Instead, it is with a figure that we’ve only really seen in shadow and vague mentions. The name of this next episode is “All for One.”

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