The episode opens with Sakura having her dream again, the one with the robed figure and all the clocks floating around her. Except this time Sakura asks the mysterious figure if this “dream” is actually a premonition – and time suddenly stops. Sakura starts falling through the air and as she falls she passes by the dark dragon flying in the sky above Tomoeda. It’s HUGE! And scary looking. As Sakura starts to come out of the dream, her subconscious has a breakthrough – she knows who the mysterious figure is!

But that epiphany is gone moments later as Sakura fully wakes up. xD  Damn her conscious mind eh? Anyways Sakura has to hurry because she’s meeting Rika before school starts. Rika has a couple of picture books and a book about Alice in Wonderland for Sakura, and this will be the first time Sakura has seen Rika since the start of the new school year.

The girls meet and Rika hands over the books, but unfortunately they only have a few minutes to talk before Rika has to leave and head to her new middle school. I’ve never been a big fan of Rika since I learned that in the manga she has the romantic relationship with her teacher (don’t even get me started on that), and in CCH Rika’s seiyuu sounds much older than a middle school student, so yeah…  I’ll just say I’m glad that scene wasn’t longer than it was and leave it at that. ;P

Kero points out that Sakura has forgotten her apron for Home Ec class, so Sakura has to race home to get it and then zip over to school. In her rushing she accidentally leaves the bag of books from Rika at home. Oops!

In Home Ec class Sakura pairs up with Tomoyo and Akiho in a team. The girls look super cute in their aprons and bonnets, and Tomoyo’s great at giving directions to Sakura and Akiho. On today’s menu is a sweet roll cake. Yum!

As the girls are baking the episode cuts over to Yuna, who is mending Momo the bunny’s scarf at home. This episode marks the first time we see Momo move on her own and hear her talk. She seems like a bit of a diva, hah. But she loves chocolate like I do so she gets an A+ from me. (For now.)

Back at school everyone has finished baking and decorating their sweet rolls, when suddenly they all come to life and start flying and jumping around the room! Sakura hides behind Tomoyo as she activates her Clow key and puts everyone in the school to sleep. The sweet rolls seem harmless initially, but as soon as Sakura makes a slip of the tongue, they combine together to form a giant sweet roll! With huge freaking teeth and everything!  Said dessert starts to chase after Sakura and Tomoyo as they run through the school.

Sakura drags Tomoyo outside to safety where Kero meets up with them. When Sakura tells Tomoyo to hide, Kero takes puts on his head-mounted camera and follows after Sakura.

Sakura summons Flight and takes to the air, thinking that the sweet roll won’t be able to follow them. Wrong! It has a very tiny pair of wings on its back that allow it to chase after her even up in the sky. D’oh!

Sakura gets the smart idea to summon Spiral and commands it to form a shrinking cocoon around the massive sweet roll so it is reduced to the size of a baseball. Rendered harmless in this tiny, squished form, the sweet roll is now able to be captured. Which Sakura does and the new card is shown to be Appear. But I don’t see what appearing has to do with a bunch of sweet rolls combining? I must be missing something again. ^^;;

Syaoran rushes over to Sakura immediately after her card capture, and they share a cute moment before being busted by both Tomoyo and Kero on film.

Back at home after school, Akiho is recounting what happened with the sweet rolls for Yuna as he pours her some tea. Apparently all of the sweet rolls “disappeared” while everyone was sleeping so the students were allowed to re-make them as best they could with what time was left in the class. Akiho shows her two rolls off to Yuna, who looks pretty impressed. Yuna plates the rolls for them to have as a treat before dinner.

Akiho watches closely as Yuna takes his first bite and he reassures her that it tastes delicious. Goddamn this girl is going to have her heart broken by this bastard when she learns the truth!  >w<    When Akiho recalls a funny moment from her class for Yuna he actually laughs, and Akiho very shyly asks Yuna to laugh again.

For some reason he looks absolutely dumbstruck. Could it never have occurred to him before this moment that his minor charge has a huge crush on him???

Yuna uses his magic to put Akiho to sleep before creating a spell circle around them both. In the circle appears Sakura’s most recent dream (I guess it’s Akiho’s dream too for that matter). Momo says to Yuna that even with Yuna’s “D” magic, he isn’t able to stop the clock book’s time. This book is tied to Sakura’s clear cards somehow, although I haven’t read the manga so I have no idea yet what that connection is.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode because we’ll get to see Toya and Yue again! Yay! Actually now that I think about it, Yuna kinda looks like a cross between Toya and Yukito. Like he could be their future kid all grown up or something. XD


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  1. Katy

    I found Momo’s comment to be very intriguing. I haven’t had the greatest opinion of Yuna, assuming that Akiho was a pawn in some larger scheme of his. But if he’s trying to turn back the book’s time, maybe he really is trying to protect her. From what isn’t clear (ha – no pun intended) – a curse? Some sort of hostile possession? Magic of her own that she can’t control?

    He obviously knows about every variation of the Cards and Sakura’s magic. There was another line that seemed to imply he wanted Sakura to finish the collection of the Clear Cards. If he does have noble intentions, part of me wishes he was upfront with Sakura and asked for her help. I realize that reducing the mystery might not make for an exciting story, but CCS falls back on secret-keeping as a plot device an awful lot.

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