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The best thing about this episode by far is watching Sarina get called the hell out for her hypocritical bullshit. When Aya grows a god damn backbone and tells her that she has no clue what it’s really like to be a victim. Her two friends are dead? She has that scar? Those are the sources of her misery? Really? After all of the horrible bullying that she’d done, after pushing Aya to want to die day after day.
Honestly, Sarina and her friends have nobody to blame but themselves. What happened to the two with the train was an accident and as for the scar, well maybe if she hadn’t been threatening Aya with a box cutter, nothing would of happened.

I have a complete lack of pity for her and i’m glad she gets told off. Even if she doesn’t care, even if she says people like Aya deserve to die. Maybe after Aya saves her ass from certain death she’ll change her tune.

The first part of the episode is a pretty insane combat between Sarina and Aya, that leads to a lot of destruction of the building that Yatsumura lives in. Leaving it structurally unsound.and collapsing. Using her magic stick, Aya teleports Sarina out of harm. Leaving her in the classroom, in Aya’s defiled desk.
I’m not sure how this will affect her character, if it affects it at all. She’s still determined to survive through tempest, but I also think that she might lay off Aya a bit now.

Aya saves herself and Yatsumura from the collapsing building by using the stick that forms a barrier. They are found during the search and rescue efforts and brought to the hospital. Aya is hurt, but is stable. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of Yatsumura.
She goes into cardiac arrest and the doctors try defibrillating her. The episode leaves us with no idea of her condition.

Meanwhile, with Nijimi, earlier in the episode she goes to the hospital to kill Rina. The barrier stick and a stick that lets you use your stick from a distance are used by Yatsumura to keep Rina alive. Nijimi leaves the hospital and she’s furious that she couldn’t kill Rina.
By putting together everything she knows from what Sarina told her and what she’d already heard from Aya and Yatsumura. She realizes that Aya and Yatsumura knew about Rina all along and din’t tell her.

She goes to Aya’s house to go ‘talk’, when she gets there though. The only one home is Aya’s brother, as her parents are at the hospital to check up on their daughter. Between Nijimi’s murderous intent for Aya and Aya’s brother being…well her brother. I’m rather nervous about where this meeting is going to go.

The last few episode return us to the hospital, as another girl comes in to kill Rina. A girl that we haven’t seen up to this point, she’s got white hair, is carrying a teddy bear and has an eye patch. I get the sense from the bandages on her arms that perhaps she self-harmed in the past.
She comes in and holds up a box cutter. Ready to attack when the credits begin to roll. What is it with people in this series and box cutters?

I think this might of been one of my favorite episodes so far honestly. The fight between Sarina and Aya was a lot of fun to watch and I am genuinely worried about Yatsumura.

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