Alright, remember everything I said about Eraser Head last week? Take that, and remind me never to doubt him ever again. He epically dodges the attack from Dabi and moves to defend himself. Too bad that wasn’t the real Dabi and merely a clone made by a different villains quirk. The real Dabi was still off using his quirk to make the fire in the forest. Cutting off the escape route for the young heroes.
Aizawa races to meet with the others and join the fight. Along the way he runs into Midoriya who is running basically on pure adrenaline as not to pass out from the wounds he sustained in the previous episode. His two objectives, keeping him moving. Get Kota to safety and protect Bakugo.

Midoriya hands off Kota to Aizawa and goes to pass along two messages to the pro-hero with the telepathy quirk. Who’s name I am honestly still struggling to remember, as neat as the cat girls are and how well they seem to be holding up against the villains they are fighting. I am just not that invested in them.
Midoriya has her use her quirk to pass along his message, one from Aizawa, clearing all students from class A and B to engage in combat with the villains. I had to sit and cheer as I heard this. Him giving his authority as a pro-hero, ready to take on whatever consequences come from issuing such an order.

The second message that Midoriya delivers is that one of the students the villains are after in particular is Bakugo. So when that warning goes out, Bakugo is told not to engage and fight. I’m sure you can guess how tell he takes that, in particular, since he knows that the message comes from Midoriya. Who, in too much of a rush to tell the telepathy hero Bakugo’s real name calls him Kacchan.

I would be a little worried about this whole villains interested in Bakugo thing going down a Naruto, Sasuke retrieval arc kind of thing if someone hadn’t told me a very long time ago that My Hero subverted that. So that’s easing my fears on that front.

This episode also has a special focus on two members of class B. Who’s names I don’t know, but they are like my new OTP. I want them to romance, I want them safe and happy and married! looking it up, Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu are their names.
They go to enter combat with the villain that is making the poisonous smoke. Using her intelligence, Itsuka figures out how to locate the villain.

The villain, known as mustard. I see what they did there, mustard…mustard gas. Well played Hero Academia. Seems to be no older then they are. If you ask me, it’s someone who failed to get into UA and has a chip on their shoulder as a result. The way they were talking about the school and the students of it. All I could see was a kid who didn’t get into the prestigious school that they wanted too and turned to a life of crime as a result.
His quirk can sense movement within the gas. Meaning he knew they were coming, combat wise he seems pretty useless though. If the poison can’t take you out. He has to resort to just using a gun. Which is pretty lame.

Itsuko uses her quirk to thin the poison gas and Tetsutetsu knocks the gas mask off of mustard. Wait, the gas mask wasn’t for show? What kind of loser needs a gas mask against their own quirk. No wonder this kid was probably rejected from the Hero Course.

Meanwhile, as Midoriya continues to run injured headlong into danger with the intent of protecting Bakugo. He runs into two of his classmates, though, one of their quirks is going out of control. Tokiyomi’s dark shadow has gone out of control.

So that’s going to be the primary focus of next episode from what I can tell. Well I love Tokiyomi, so I am more then alright with some kind of focus on him.