So, last episode left off with Midoriya running into his rampaging classmate. Tokoyomi’s dark shadow went out of control after Shoji got hurt protecting him. Well, the only way to calm down Dark shadow is with light and a forest does not provide a lot of that. Shoji’s plan was to either lead Tokoyomi back to a clearing near camp, where he would be able to get light or towards the fire so the light from that would calm dark shadow.
He asks Midoriya if he will continue to rush on to protect Bakugo or stay and help him with Tokoyomi and Midoriya just kind of goes.

“Why not both?”

There are two times in this episode that Midoriya really shows that there is more to being a hero then being strong or knowing how to use your quirk. You need to be able to think of strategies in high tension situations and think quickly and work with what you have.

Rather then pick one or the other, he has Shoji lead Tokoyomi and his rampaging dark shadow towards Todoroki and Bakugo. Both of which have powers that can provide light and calm dark shadow. Dark shadow also takes out the villain that was attacking Todoroki and Bakugo like a chump.
After everyone is safe, they begin talking and establish that they have to protect Bakugo and return him to where the teachers are.

I love Bakugo in this scene. The look on his face as they all talk about protecting him is like “Guys, the hell? I can take care of myself. Stop talking about me like i’m not here!” and yet, despite how totally annoyed he is and how much you can tell he’s offended by this, he still doesn’t resist walking with them!

Then we cut to Tsu and Uraraka as they come face to face with the villain Himiko Toga. She pins Tsuyu to a tree with a gadget that she has on her  She gets pinned to the ground by Uraraka, who she seems fascinated by. She thinks that her and Uraraka are rather similar people. With people they love more then anything and want to be just like them. She slams the machine on her back into Uraraka and begins taking her blood when the boys show up. Outnumbered, she flees, but not before setting sights on Midoriya and falling in love.

She meets up with the other villains and it seems like she was meant to be out to collect blood. Dabi and Jin imply that she was supposed to get about three peoples worth. She only succeeds in getting one. However, she did gain two friends [her imaginary friendship with Tsuyu and Uraraka] and a boy she likes [Midoriya].

Well it doesn’t matter if she backed up from the fight anyway, because a magician like villain has completed the vanguards goal of capturing Bakugo. Not just Bakugo, but Tokoyomi as well. He came in and silently grabbed the two of them from the back of the protection group. It seems like he captured them in marbles.
It’s while chasing down this villain that once again Midoriya shows off his ability to use strategy. Usuing Urakaka’s anti-gravity powers and Tsuyu’s tongue, they could lunge themselves at the villain as he escaped through the air. As a set of human bullets.

They do this and when they land, it’s in front of Himiko, Dabi and Jin. So four villains, three heroes, two of them injured and one already half covered in ice from how much he’s been using his powers so much. How bad could this go?

I mentioned it last episode. I’d be very scared of this running down a Sasuke retrieval arc path, but i’ve been assured that this does not go there in any way shape or form. In fact, apparently Bakugo’s face in the earlier part of the episode sums up how this is going to go. Which sounds to me like Bakugo is going to flip off the villains, tell them to screw off and save his god damn self.

I came out of this episode with a new found respect for Midoriya’s strategy skills Another character I have to commend for her quick thinking and strategy is Yaoyorozu. As a Nomu type enemy turns away from trying to kill her and a member of class B, she quickly creates a tracking device and has the class B member weld it to the Nomu’s back. That was very quick thinking and I loved it.

I also loved two villains in this episode. Jin and Himiko are beautiful, fun and eccentric. The perfect kind of crazy that I just adore.