Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 6

This week’s episode was for most part, fairly light-hearted, until the last five minutes when the mood became heavy real fast. The last five minutes was probably the most serious bits of the show we have experienced thus far. The tension between Alex, Teresa, Charles (her fiancé) and Mitsuyoshi was had a quiet intensity to it.

But how should I put this? While there was definitely development between Mitsuyoshi and Teresa, I found that it felt as though they merely threw us crumbs, again. Only this time, rather than Alex dominating the episode, it was Charles- or rather the two of them combined- and it’s driving me bonkers! As someone who starting watching this series to see how the story of Mitsuyoshi and Teresa’s relationship would play out, it’s frustrating how the writers are neglecting to give them more screentime to foster their relationship. Maybe it’s just me nitpicking, but I find it appalling how little time is being devoted to them.

Thankfully though: We got a lot of feelings in the few minutes of air time they had actually of interacting with each other, and we are finally seeing development on Mitsuyoshi’s end. (And I am savouring these moments that are pulling my heart-strings, because they are so bloody rare.) After last week, we can see he has become a lot more conscious of Teresa. He is noticing the little things about her that others may not be picking up, such as her loneliness, and the weight she must carry. But most importantly, it appears as though Mitsuyoshi is slowly becoming more conscious of his own feelings towards her. He was so captivated by her when he saw her at the party, that he was caught staring (OH MY HEART!). Then when Charles return his coat he had let Teresa borrow and then watch the two of them walk away, with Charles hand at her back, the look on his face screamed a heartache. It was written all over his face, and there is no doubt in my mind, Ijuin picked up on it as well, having witnessed the mini drama between Alex and Teresa that took place.

And it’s such a bummer that their love may not be able to bear fruit, because they are so adorable together. They not only keep on encountering one another, Teresa constantly photobombing his shots, the two of them getting caught up in the rain (he calls her the Rain-Bringer), but they continue to find ways to connect with each other. The connection they discovered today was how they both look up to the North Star for guidance and comfort, showing how all this time, even though they are in different countries, the two of them were looking at the same star. 

But let’s be real here: As of right now, it definitely feels as though their love is not going to play out, and will have to acknowledge they live in different world, and must go their separate ways. And if they do confess to one another, their love will be short-lived, especially after today, since Teresa assured Alex that she remembers her duty, that once she has to return to the home country and become Queen. This is precisely why time is of the essence!!!! If there’s going to be any love story, they can’t put this off any longer! But gah, how I’d love it if they could still find a way to be together. *SOBS*

Amazingly, the secret is still managed to be kept under wraps with Charles, Alex and Teresa having been guests at Ijuin’s family party, where the rest of the club got access to join. Mitsuyoshi being himself could care less bout the fancy food and party, and went outside to take pictures, as does Teresa who elected to ignore the dance that she was supposed to do with her fiancee, and decided to check out the building that piped her interest instead. Not to mention, she is far more interested in being with Mitsuyoshi and looking over his pictures with him than being at the party. Safe to say she completely forgot about it.

However I would say the saddest part about Teresa’s character, is that it’s clear she does not harbour any love towards Charles, it’s merely a duty that has to be fulfilled. And on top of that, she knows Alex likes him. I don’t know if Charles likes Teresa, but he is hard to read when he praises just about everyone.

Next week it looks to be focusing on Yui, but honestly I just wish we can actually have several episodes focused on our main couple? Enough of the Alex show, I am sick of it. Start devoting the remaining episodes to the actual main characters instead of the supporting characters!!! There are only six episodes left, make use of it properly!


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