Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 7

This week was a rough one. Just about everyone in the group who took part in searching for Nyanko Big are experiencing unrequited love, and that alone just made the mood of the episode a gloomy one.

It turns out, Kentarou’s unrequited love is in fact with a woman (owner of Nyanko’s crush, Cherry), we had only met today. Unfortuantely she only sees him as a brother so his love is unrequited. However despite the fact his love will never be, he says he can’t act like his crush on her never happened, he is just happy to have her smile for him.

On the flip side, we have Yui who likes Kentarou, and she is unable to deal with it “as well” he does . She is not okay with her love being unrequited, it hurts like a bitch and she feels miserable about it. The worst part is how he is seemingly oblivious of her feelings, when everyone us in the group picked up on it immediately. But after having a good cry in Teresa’s arms, Yui seems to gotten over the worst of her bitter feelings and seek comfort in knowing Nyanko Big is also experiencing the same ordeal with Cherry.

We were also given the confirmation that Charles is in fact in love with Teresa, and he knows at this time, despite the two being engaged, he too is experiencing unrequited love. However it appears as though by the end of next week’s episode, Charles will finally be leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised (if he hasn’t already) he catches onto Teresa having feelings for Mitsuyoshi. I also suspect Alex will be confronting Teresa about it too. Perhaps she may even say they need to return to their home country sooner than later, in order to nip her rapidly budding feelings for Mitsuyoshi. And what better time to do that when Mitsuyoshi is still lagging behind.

But makes no mistake, he is certainly making headway of catching up to her. He was a lot more conscious of Teresa than he was before. Although he hasn’t gotten to the point where he could identify his own feelings, they are finally starting to take root and it’s just a matter of time now before they blossom further… or so we hope. The worst case scenario would be for his feelings to wither away before they are even given the chance to bloom. If the preview gives me any hope, it looks like we will finally be able to have the two interact with each other next week. (Much to my dismay, all we got this week was meeting each other’s eyes. I will refrain from ranting about that because you already know how I feel about it).

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t that great either. It is one that gives me a lot of mixed feelings, but by the end of it I was mostly heartbroken for Yui. Seeing her breakdown was teared me up a bit. Also apparently Charles is a Cat-Whisperer. Gee, other than being unable to win Teresa’s heart, what he can’t he do? I also wonder what the story is behind his bracelet… Well if he really is going to leave next week, perhaps we will find out sooner than later.


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