Wow. All I can say about this episode is Wow. I thought that last weeks episode was perfect, but this show manages to keep upping it’s stakes and production values week by week.
The shadow darkness that took Bakugo envelopes the other villains and brings them straight to All for One. Who had already taken care of the Pro-Heroes in the area. Best Jeaniest grabbed the other two heroes by their clothing and tossed them out of the way of the brunt of the harm. Taking on most of All for One’s attack. All for One admires best jeaniest for this move but in the end, attacks him brutally.
Oh god, I am honestly hoping that he lives through this. We haven’t seen much of him, but the way he took on Bakugo in an attempt to help his temper and make him into a proper hero. I know that he’s a great guy and I am only hoping the best.

With the villain hide out now vacated. That leaves All Might to come to where All for One is and begin fighting against him. Though, All Might can not fight all out while Bakugo is there.
All for One forces open a gate by force activating Kurogiri’s power. He tells Shigaraki and the others to take Bakugo and go. So two different fights begin picking up. The fight between All Might and the one on six fight between Bakugo and the rest of the League of villains. Though in his case, it’s not so much a fight as trying not to get caught.

The other students, still paralyzed by their fear need to work out a plan. A plan that doesn’t involve fighting, because the more they reflect on it. The more it all rings true. They can’t go in and fight. Because they aren’t licensed, because of the liabilities, but mostly because they would be hindering All Might even more.
Midoriya comes up with an idea and at the center of the idea. Kirishima and his friendship with Bakugo. I honestly loved this, I loved how this honestly couldn’t of worked with anyone else. The entire plan hinged purely on the bond between these two characters.

So, using their quirks. Iida and Deku launch themselves through the wall [with Kirishima’s hardening to keep them from getting hurt] and Todoroki’s ice to create a ramp to knock them into the air, out of the villains range. Kirishima put out his hand and called out to Bakugo to create an explosion to launch himself in the air and catch Kirishima’s hand.

This pulls them out of the way of the battle. All for One removes the villains from the field. Prepared for a all out fight against All Might.

I have to stop here and say I am usually absolute garbage at picking up subtle inflections in subbed anime. However, Kōki Uchiyama’s performance as Shigaraki is so absolutely flooring. You can hear the concern for All for One plain as day in his voice. That weakness and fear for his mentor. The terror as he is pulled through the portal and All for One is left behind.
It was amazing. That kind of characterization was amazing and actually made you feel for Shigaraki in that moment.

All Might launches a powerful attack against All for One. Though, it’s weaker then it should be and it’s clear his time is running out. He’s losing power and will soon return to the skinny form that he has been hiding from the public eye.

All Might makes a speech to All for One, as the smoke clears and there is not nearly as much damage as there should be on our villain. He says, he’s heard those exact same things before.
From the previous person to have One for All. Nana Shimura.
We’ve also discovered recently that Shigaraki’s real last name is Shimura…I honestly hadn’t made the connection until just now. So my reaction was a very loud ‘WHAT?’ and proceeding to scream at my manga reading friend and make dying whale noises for the next ten minutes. What does this mean? What’s the backstory here? Is Nana his mother?
Did All for One kill his mother and then take him in and corrupt him? What’s the story behind this!? There is so much I want to know. Unfortunately, this is where the episode wraps up.

Next week, the public becomes aware of All Might’s diminishing powers. We’ll see how this sways public opinions and the way the villains move. With the symbol of Justice out of the way or severely weakened. What is going to happen. We’ll have to keep watching to find out.