Now that the whole world knows the truth about All Might. There will be repercussions, there is no longer a stable symbol of peace for the people to rely on and the villains to fear. This is a major deal not only for the world, but for U.A. as a school as well.
The students there are in more danger then ever. Leaving the school with a few options. They either sack All Might as a teacher or find a way to protect the students in full. They have a plan, but they need to go talk to all of the parents of the students first.

So Aizawa and All Might set out to begin speaking with the parents of the students. I kind of wish we got to see more of them and their reactions.
The scene with Jiro’s father trying to act all tough and stern despite the fact that he’d already cleared the idea of living in the dorms and had actually cried and declared how amazing All Might was during his fight with All for One was an absolute treat.

The scene with Bakugo’s parents is also pretty amazing. As All Might worries about this family, also, Bakugo’s mother thanking Aizawa for what he said about Bakugo during the press conference. How she gained confidence that the school was truly watching him and had a good grasp of what kind of boy he was. Meeting his mother really, explained a lot about Bakugo…
It’s also worth noting just how perceptive that Bakugo is. Just by watching Midoriya cry at the end of the previous episode, he began to suspect that there was a stronger connection between All Might and Midoriya. Though All Might still can’t tell him about it.

While not a scene of them coming to talk with him about the dorms. We also get a scene of Endeavor dealing with the change in the shift of power. With All Might gone, he is now the number one hero. Of course, he’s not happy about this. How could he be with how it happened? He didn’t legitimately beat out All Might for the top spot.
I’d feel bad, but he’s still an asshole who abused his son. So I really don’t.

Then we have All Might go to speak with Midoriya’s mother. He tackles this one alone, having Aizawa go on so they can cover more ground during the day.
They bring him inside, All Might gets to see Midoriya’s room. They sit in the kitchen and the question comes up of if his mother is alright with him moving into the dorm and she says no. In fact, she is generally opposed to him attending U.A. at all at this point.
He keeps getting hurt. If he keeps hurting his arms the way he has been, he may not be able to use them at all any more. U.A. is dangerous and she’s generally worried to hell about him. She wants him to be happy, she acknowledges that he’s always admired All Might and she is thrilled that he wants to be a hero. Still, a path in front of him that is covered in blood like what she saw in the fight with All Might. She doesn’t want that.

Izuku runs out of the room. All Might reflects that it must be hard on him, for Izuku, who admired All Might more then anything. Attending U.A. is like part of the dream. Though, Izuku bursts in and surprises him by saying that it doesn’t have to be U.A., he holds up a letter that he got from Kota and says that it’s fine no matter where he studies. He wants to become a hero. Because saving people is something that means everything to him.

All Might realizes that it may of started as hero worship for Izuku, but he truly has become a person that sincerely desires to be a hero no matter what. He gets to the ground and pledges to continue to take care of, protect, teach Midoriya. Even if it costs him his own life.
Swayed by the sentiments that All Might and her son are showing. She reluctantly agrees to let Midoriya go stay in the dorms.

I was nearly in tears by the end of all of this again, for many different reasons then last week. To see the intense feelings and worry and concern of his mother, to understand that concern for his well-being balanced out with her desire for his happiness. I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful parent she was.

Then there was the post credits scene with All for One. Thinking on Shigaraki and how he’s grown and how he will continue to grow, even without him. After all, a pupil can not rely on his teacher forever. He has to step out and grow, make his own moves and now with All Might gone. He can continue to open and expand the influence of the League of Villains.

Next episode, we continue on to something much more light hearted and ironically the only chapter of the manga i’ve actually read. Them moving into the dorms and having a contest to see who’s room is the best. It was a very fun chapter and I am very much looking forward to seeing it animated.