To be honest, I was half-watching this episode the first time because my nana was watching Family Feud and you definitely get distracted while that’s on. Well, I watched most of it again, but if I miss important things, I’m real sorry in advance. (I’m laughing right now)

And this is the last episode?? I thought it was 13 episodes..boy. I thought and I was wrong.

I was real confused on the Haise changing into Kankei. I guess he has the power to change back into Haise, even after he changes fully. He was full Kankei for a hot minute and then he was back real quick. Or maybe he didn’t change and used some of Kankei’s negative energy?? What am I thinking? What is negative energy? Well, Kankei made him remember his mom beating him, so there is the negative energy. But then I felt bad because he has a twisted love for mom. His mom beat him, but he still loves her.

I feel bad for Kanae, but that last scene was powerful for me. Tsukiyama called her by her name and they held each other one last time.  I was trying not to cry, that really got to me. This is about the point where my nana changed the channel and it was about a transgender person going missing. Relevant, somewhat, but not really.

“My regret is that I didn’t live like my true self, but I get to die as my true self.”

Yes!! Meaningful character development in Urie. I kinda didn’t want it to happen this way, but death changes people for the worst or for the better. When you lose someone and you realize you can never get them back, you change.  You may have not known them for that long, but it hurts. Oops, I accidentally hit a nerve in myself. Well, Urie realized that everything is not revenge, being sly, and just getting ahead of everyone. He needs a moment to grieve and move on from there.  Even though, he may have not loved Shirazu and was definitely not his best friend, he realized how much a human life matter especially if it’s your own. He realized what it was to give it your all: the ultimate sacfrice for your team, the last resort.

He hit his epiphany moment, the “aha” moment.

What really pissed me off was that head investigator guy( he’s basically like Urie before he realized he was a d*ck). His friend just die and he’s like “ I thought you hard potential.” Potential to somehow try to fight after your friend dies, when your not eminent danger and you are just trying to kill some ghouls that are running away? It’s not like they are in a real war, where a bomb goes off, your friends die and you have to try to kill the enemy when you see your body part of your squad… wait, now I’m sad. That is big change in Urie, usually he’s after the fame and fortune, but this time, he’s just not. Maybe this is shock change, and he’ll be back to normal soon, but I don’t think so.

The way certain people think makes me want become a neurosurgeon, so I can fix their heads.

The crew( Touka, that other guy, Tsukiyama’s dad, and Chie Hori) came to save Tsukiyama from certain death. I don’t think Kankei wanted Tsukiyama to particularly die, but I’m not sure about that…hmm..

And also the dad didn’t die? How? The mansion takedown was probably an actual fight they didn’t show…

Me(still trying to figure out the various ways he could have gotten out of this situation, but still not finding a solution)

Fourth Season? Probably, people like this manga and show.

Final Reflection

So, I’d give this show a 6 out of 10. It wasn’t the worst thing I ever watched and it wasn’t the best thing I watched. Like Tokyo Ghoul does, it makes the characters as human as possible especially the ghouls. Ghouls aren’t just monsters, they are people who want to have lives too.

People said it was boring and there is no interesting plot. Know what boring AF right now, High School DxD( sorry, I am tired of that ranking battle) and a bunch of shounens that people watch right now. I know I’m baiting people right now. Hey, I do that! To me, it wasn’t that boring, I got my daily dose of horror, human emotions, and social commentary.

My favorite part would have to be him looking at Touka in the coffee shop after he takes a sip, my second favorite part in Kanae and Tsukiyama looking each other while they are falling, and my third favorite is that guy and Shirazu talking about using the Nutcracker kagune for the first time outside.

Best Song for this Show: Without Me by Enimem

That is literally the best song for this. Enimem is rapping as Slim Shady and “ Guess whose back, back again..”

“Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
‘Cause we need a little controversy
‘Cause it feels so empty without me”

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  1. zztop

    There’ll be another season of Ghoul Re airing this October.

    Also, Ghoul Re’s manga is scheduled to end this coming July 5th.

    It’s still unclear if Ishida wants to end the Tokyo Ghoul story for good, or if he’s just ending Re as its own manga arc before progressing into a new sequel (like how he ended Ghoul first before starting Ghoul Re as a direct sequel).

    TLDR – Either it’s The End or we’ll get Tokyo Ghoul Re: Shippuden as sequel.

    1. Pandora

      I really wanted to blog the second part, but college( that schedule looking crazy or maybe I’m overreacting).

      I should really finish the manga, now that it’s done, I should really binge read it one day.

      I wonder what he thinks about his own series. A bunch of authors hate their own series by now, its been a good 7 or 8 years. Hmmmm. Has he talked crap about his work before??

      Haha. I don’t do long series, and if they run too long they get boring AF. But Gintama some now manages to do well.. I watch episodes from each season and I’m dying.

      Thanks for commenting by the way! Always appreciated!

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