Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 9 – Tsukiyama is Back!

“Guess whose back, back again, Shady’s back, tell a friend..”

That Eminem line never gets old. But Tsukiyama is back after 2 years of being sick and lamenting over Kankei. He is determined to get this memories back no matter the cost. He ready to go.

“When he gets his memories back, everyone is f*cked.”

I love how they think the Rose group and the Aogiri Tree Group are extremely connected, but in reality, one group just paid the other to do a job. The Rose group is just trying to make Tsukiyama better( by finding food, helping him find Kankei, etc.) They only operate for Tsukiyama’s family gain, to be honest. Hey, they are both ghoul groups, close enough. The Rose Group is also part of the auction, which was a giant battle between Aogiri Tree and the CCG. Hmm. I’m trying to think.

Why did Uta help Haise create the masks??? He kinda put himself in a bad position, because the CCG know where he at. But at least he said that he had “eye tattoos”, so he doesn’t get “yeeted” (Being yeeted means that something bad will happen to you later. For example, My friend got yeeted at the graduation ceremony because they said the wrong name. And that actually happened, by the way). Uta is my favorite character because he’s so cool( Now I sound like a dumb fangirl “ He’s so cool and love him!!( gush))

When they say infiltrating ghouls is a bad idea, but making your agents into ghouls was a good idea:

When they say making your agents into ghouls was a bad idea, but making a ransom video saying that you torture ghouls was a good idea(insert confused Nick Young meme):

In order to fight your enemy, you have to become your enemy. Okay, I’m done with the jokes. Actually, I’m never done with the jokes. I heard 17 is an age where you don’t take anything seriously. I’ll age out soon.

I was really confused, tho. Like what?? Those are all ideas that could turn out badly. Very badly. I question the CCG as an agency as I question all government agencies. What are you doing? This season makes me question their motives. They are concerned about their image( well, at least that guy is), but they still kill “people”.

Who is that man who saved Saiko? I feel like its ya boy Hide?? Maybe or some other helpful person. Who tho?

Tsukiyama stalking Haise was kind of funny. The moment in the show I laugh for legit reasons. And the way, he runs over there and falls in front of CCG headquarters. I was like “Ouch” and the German guy( is he a guy???) didn’t even have time to explain to him completely.

How is the crew going to get Kankei back? But I went on Tokyo Ghoul Wiki, and did a small bit of research and learned Kankei changed into a more harsh person( is that a spoiler?? Nah.) Do they want him back? Hmmm. I love Tokyo Ghoul wiki. I can get spoilers, and I still haven’t read all of the manga. Okay, now I have time to read the manga. Yep.

Well, until Tuesday. See you in 2-3 days depending where you live.

But wait, I forgot to talk about something. Shrizaku is still having trouble using the Nutcracker kagune. I noticed it and Urie had to save him. Urie looking strong too. It would be better if his personality changed for the better. And the Torso guy is still crazy as per usual.


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