Starting this week Midnight and Oki are sharing both Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, join our madness as we watch too much anime all at the same time! 

My Hero Academia focuses this week on something that will finally end the tired argument of ‘we can’t fight because we aren’t licensed’ – everyone tries out for the Practical Exam. This is the execution of a brilliant new time for Midoriya: with his shoot style All-For-One powers he now begins the journey of becoming his own hero. But is that hero one who can qualify for the hero provisional license? We know a few things right off the bat:

At least a few of the students of UA have to pass this exam. If not a single character passes we’ll continue to have arcs where no one can do anything without nearly getting expelled. I don’t think this show intends to be Harry Potter so I doubt that is doing to be the case.

introducing the first unpaid government worker of the series which is really surprising

Midoriya is one of the students very likely to pass! He always charges into trouble and if he doesn’t pass then the focus of the show will be forced to do things that aren’t really wholesome. So we lose the tension of that here: it doesn’t make sense for him not to get this license.

If the Provisional Exam is a bunch of high schools then U.A. has a distinct disadvantage


because everyone will know the powers they possess. But you know what else this means? Midoriya is now officially the most overpowered and substantially powerful character, he has developed not only full cowl but has shooting style. Because of this, no one is going to suspect his capabilities and he will be able to utilize One-For-All very efficiently.

We learn a lot of these points for sure in the episode, but thematically there are always things to look for. I feel as if watching this arc is something I am incredibly excited for because last Arc was focused on All-For-One- a hero that none of the major protagonists of the show could possibly take on- and now we have a really exciting arc where all the young characters can show off without being overwhelmed by powerful villains. MHA has an incredible ability to show us engaging tournament arcs and this is no exception. This is also an excellent opportunity to flesh out upcoming heroes who aren’t from U.A..

introducing evil midoriya, with black hair and soulless eyes

With Sue’s feelings from two episodes ago and the slow but steady pace of affection Uraraka feels for Midoriya I feel like my kids are slowly growing up. I’m ready for Midoriya to really show everyone here that he is really one of the strongest U.A. up and comers and man, every time something cool happens I just go “I can’t wait for the reveal to the world” which is something so far off even in the manga I’m dying, but it’s episodes like these that make me feel that way. I’m so proud of my children and I can’t wait to see how they fare in this free for all. And of course, all the new side characters growing and introducing in front of us are a major bonus.

Other than my thoughts about it, right now we can’t do much other than speculate. I know who gets the license and I’ll ask you to place your bets on who you don’t want to get it and groan horribly as, of course that person gets it! Of course. Join Midnight and I in covering the rest of this exciting arc and measure how much everyone has grown since the Sports Festival. Give me that sweet sweet character growth yas. (And fight scenes I need them 500 fight scenes)