No one is what they seem to be in this show. People in this show are good at hiding the darkest parts of themselves in their everyday lives but eventually show their true colors. Meaning, you just can’t trust anyone in this show.

To be honest, I feel like they’re trying too hard to give Satou some obstacles. The homeroom teacher being a freak I saw coming when he passionately offered Satou assistance while holding her hand with both of his. Turns out, the stalker that Satou sensed was actually him and not one of her fans from the cafe. I saw it coming, was not surprised, but was worried that Satou was going to kill him. Not because I give a crap about him but because it would have felt forced, just for shock factor. Thankfully that didn’t happen and Satou pulled a string from her pink macaron keychain that’s actually an alarm? Which is pretty handy, I think that’s something every woman needs to carry around. As the teacher leaves, Satou is left with a bitter feeling and returns home to her sweet little Shio who gives her a kiss on the cheek. Satou immediately feels better, but she visits her homeroom teacher at his house right in the morning to “seduce” him. They talk, and he basically tells her that he wants to be with more than one woman. He’s married and has a daughter, but he presents himself as a single man because he wants to love women and for women to love him and blah blah. Makes me wonder why this dude is even married? Like…fine, sleep with 100 women if you want, but not while you’re married! Either way, this dude is a major creep because he’s just a masochist that wants to have his way with Satou, and has probably already had his way with other students. But when he compares his sex life with Satou’s, she gets pissed and pushes him down. She crushes his crotch with her foot and basically tells him to fuck off, and he loves it. But, she asks about disposing of something that’s hard to dispose of.

Why she made the teacher dispose of the dead bodies, I don’t know. The teacher isn’t dumb, he knew what was in the bags from feeling them and from the rotting smell when burning the bags. I don’t understand why Satou would risk making this guy an accomplice.

But one freak isn’t enough, and now we have Mitsuboshi. He’s back! Which was surprising. Even more surprising that he doesn’t have ill will towards Satou for basically leaving him with the rapist manager. And because of that incident, he quit the job there and coincidentally started working in the animal cafe Satou works at. But his PTSD shows when the manager of the cafe touches his shoulder. Apparently, he now has a problem being around older women, which is understandable, because of the incident. But he tells Satou he wants to work hard for the person he loves. Satou gives him a smile and says how admirable he is, but what she doesn’t know….is…that he’s in love with Shio. Yeah, what the fuck. He took out the missing persons flyer of Shio and starts drooling and says little girls are so cute.




So…was Mitsuboshi always into little girls, or did this disgusting love of them surface after his incident with his older female manager from last episode?

Where did this even come from? This is what I mean when I say they’re trying too hard. One obstacle after another keeps popping up for Satou, such as the homeroom teacher, Mitsuboshi (though she’s not aware), and the boy that’s handing out the Shio flyers, who I’m guessing is Shio’s brother?

As he’s made more copies in the convenience store, the boy rushes out of the store and accidentally runs into a couple guys that beat him up afterwards. Mitsuboshi saves him and takes him to the cafe. Satou noticed him earlier as he passed out flyers on the street. She even took one, and when he wasn’t looking, took a picture of him with her phone. She burned the flyer when she had got home, but here he is. As Mitsuboshi leaves to call the manager, Satou doesn’t do anything until the boy starts reciting the same wedding vows Shio does for Satou at home. She absolutely snaps and bumps into a closet, where a crowbar falls out. She grabs it and the episode ends with her making a swinging motion, but I don’t think she killed him. At least…I hope not!

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. Like I said, I feel like they’re trying a little too hard because random things with the teacher and Mitsuboshi keep happening and I feel like it’s a bit much. I hope the boy in the end won’t be killed just yet because he might provide some much needed insight on Shio’s character. Shio didn’t appear much in this episode. She had some cute segments in the house, like trying to vacuum, dust, and do laundry. But she starts having a headache and a strange nightmare, which might be the topic of next episode. It confused me that Shio wouldn’t step onto the balcony to free the drying clothes from the rain, but it wasn’t until Satou came home and reminded her never to step outside because of the many dangers outside that it made sense. She seems happy to comply, but…yikes…

Shio’s pretty cute.


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