A whole lot of nothing mostly happened this episode and yet I was still uncomfortable. I probably should have mentioned this in the beginning, but man do I hate yanderes. I never understood the appeal of these kinds of characters but I hate them so much. I couldn’t even get past the first episode of Mirai Nikki because no way in hell could I put up with Yuno (though it sounds like I didn’t miss much). And look, I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up to cover this show, but god I hate Satou. But there’s more shitty people here and I just want Shio to be safe! D:

Because Satou gets held up at work because of the boy, who we now know is named Asahi, Shio back home gets really worried. She thinks that Satou may not ever come home and she starts hyperventilating. She wants to leave the apartment but remembers Satou’s warning. But as if they were really there, an image of a woman appears behind her and “helps” her open the door, and Shio runs into the night looking for Satou. Back at the cafe, Asahi wakes up and leaves immediately and Mitsuboshi and Satou walk him halfway to his home. Satou walks off on her own and goes over the bitter feeling that she felt when she heard him reciting the same vows that they do. She actually didn’t understand what she felt, but then figured out it was jealousy. And then she became all happy about it because she learned a new emotion because of her love for Shio. This girl is fucking crazy, and she will not hesitate in killing Asahi if he ever gets in her way. But then she switches into obsessive lunatic when she finds that Shio is not home.

We got a short but simple flashback from Asahi that ties in Shio’s past, and it gives us at least some answers to who Shio and Asahi are. I’m guessing the older girl that Shio imagines is in front of her is probably she and Asahi’s older sister. I thought it maybe could have been her mother at first, but there’s no way a mother would leave both of her children behind. It looked like Asahi and the others lived in an extremely abusive household. Asahi must have told his sister to grab Shio and get out of there while he would stay behind, which understandably makes the older sister feel guilty leaving her brother there with their evil father. Now Asahi is looking for Shio because something must have happened to the older sister, most likely death, leaving Shio all on her own. Whenever the sister showed up and her face was just a black scramble, I thought it was because she was someone that Shio feared, but it’s actually that she just doesn’t remember her, which makes me fear that she might not even remember Asahi. Though, she still remembers the vows and she remembers patting her sister’s head when she was upset. Her abusive home could also be why Shio may not know many things. She seems to be older than…five, I guess, but she’s still kinda naive. Her abusive father probably kept her from having a normal childhood and she couldn’t turn out to be a normal girl. Also, her not remembering anything can be because she’s a little girl, or because the trauma from the abuse was so bad that it made her shut down and just…forget. This poor girl, and poor Asahi. Now I’m really scared for him! Satou already has her eyes on him in case he steps out of line, and I really don’t want anything bad to happen to him. Please!

And to make things even worse, while Shio is being led by the image of her sister, she runs into Mitsuboshi and this guy fucking loses it.

I felt so awful for him after what happened in the first episode, but nah man. I hate him. He breaks into a sweat, hyperventilates, salivates, EVERYTHING when he comes into contact with Shio. Ever since what happened with the manager, he fell upon Shio’s image on the flyer and deems Shio to being the one that’ll purify him and make him better all over again. But he is nasty, and basically got a boner when she grabbed his hand and he was about to take her to his house until the same assholes from last episode appeared again and started beating him up. Leaving Shio to get a headache and cry because she likes him, not knowing what his true intentions were. Screaming for Satou to save her, the image of her sister appears right behind her, but it’s most likely Satou that showed up in the end.

I’m glad we’re getting hints of Shio backstory this early on in all this mess. I’m rooting so hard for her and Asahi and hope nothing terrible happens to him, even though he still lives with his abusive father I assume. I’d also like to see some Satou backstory, though whatever it is it still won’t justify any of her actions.


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