First of all I’m happy, I got to end my week with a little DxD. I need some good romance and good action at the end of my week. This week got ended right, because, yo, its been weird.

Anyways, lets start with the bromance between Issei and Sairong. That’s actually cool. They were bitter rivals turned friendly rivals. Sairong is just a good sport even after he lost. He’s an ideal guy.

To be honest, I thought in the hospital room, they were going to fight because it’s a cliché. Rivals are put in the same hospital room and they start trying to tear each other apart and their friends and family have to pull them apart. Hmm, maybe I only saw that in one show, but I don’t know which one.

Even after Issei got promoted to higher levels of devil, Sairong did not feel badly about it, instead he was happy for Issei. If I were Sairong, I would be feeling bitter AF. I don’t know if I would feel happy about it.

The determination of Sairong was amazing. I need to steal some of his determination( and motivation) for college. He was still fighting even though he was unconscious! Even when, before his mom’s spirit told him to get up, he was still trying to get up.

Issei’s determination to protect girls and become the best is also interesting. He never wants to be the position to not be able to help people again.

They both have high levels of determination, but Sairong is a little higher, just because he was fighting when he was unconscious and people( mostly his own family except his mom and the Gremorys) been telling him that he couldn’t be anything because he didn’t have any powers. That fact Sairong isn’t bitter, actually surprises me the most. He probably hates his family, tho.

I’m also happy Issei confessed his love to the president and called her by her name. And everyone was chilling outside the door listening. It’s official!! They are an item to be reckoned with.

When your crew is looking forward to your love story

I think my two favorite parts of the show have nothing to with the plot: The part where Issei is getting beat by girls telling him he’s perverted and his friends not being let in the café. Those just made me laugh so hard. Also, the part where the crew ruins Issei’s confession and kiss, that was priceless.

Also, I’m happy his mom is awake, but at the same time, Tokyo Ghoul fans are triggered:

I heard Season 5 is on!! I’m ready! Still on Chapter 3 of the novel, tho. It’s summer, I should finish the LN of this, Tokyo Ghoul manga, and (there is something else I need to do, but don’t remember what).

Overall, I was bored with certain parts of the show( the ranking battle and stupid Cao Cao), but it was good story. I notice I get bored easily, so it’s probably my fault I was bored at points I probably didn’t need to be. I watched a bunch of crazy shows in middle school, but DxD was one of the ones I really loved.

I think it’s show that made me realize I love ecchi.

I just loved doing the commercial break scenes, to be honest. All 12 of them for your enjoyment, in large image.