Since I’m not a 90’s kid, and not from Japan I had to look up PC Engine( or Turbo Grafx-16). By the way, this system was not popular in America and it was way popular in Japan. The reason it wasn’t popular in America is because they had to do a redesign because they thought Americans would like a bigger, more futuristic( All Americans love their Hummers, big houses, and large plasma TVs XD). Now, that I think about it. A bunch of things are popular in Japan and are not popular in America and vice-versa. Like rhythm games and dating sims( esp otome ones), which everyone says are gay here, but they love them in Japan.

If I said right here and right now, “ I want to make an otome dating sim.” 75% of people would be like what is that?, 20% of people would say that’s gay and the other 5% would be like I love otome games and start asking clarifying questions. A small majority or maybe I’m exaggerating American tastes. Or maybe, it’s because I’m near my brothers and my boy cousins too often.



After my rant, lets get to actual show.

I realized that home-gaming systems were a new phenomenon in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before people had to go the actual arcade to play games. Now, we can literally play games anywhere due to our phones and our access to games is basically unlimited. Wow. It’s been almost 30 years.

Ono did not know what a PC Engine was and when she finally got play it, she had a little bit of trouble, but then she caught on real quick.

But I agree with Harou, it’s annoying to watch someone play a game. Especially if they doing better than you. The mom suplexed him and I almost died. The mom just reminds of my friends mom tho, because she doesn’t care who come over and is always trying to give them food.

Then the 10 yen arcade thing, I thought that was cool. Every good thing has a creepy guy watching, it’s inevitable. I’ve got burns for that, that I’m going to keep to myself. They played all of what they called “ old school” games like Street Fighter, Elevator Action, and other games. Then it disappeared. It’s unclear if they imagined it or it actually happened. It’s unclear, but I think it actually happened and it was a magical experience.

Then they had to walk home and some cute moments happened. I love this part of the show, where he does something nice for Ono like buy her a meat bun or letting her wear his shoes. Do we get a show with them in there 30’s with children. That would be a cute love story because I feel like they will get together when they are older. Where the studio at??

How old will Ono and Harou be now? Since they were 6th graders in 1991, they would be 11 or 12, making them born in 1980 or 1979. If they wanted to make a show, about them now, they would be 39 or 40. Hmmm. They would basically be the age of my parents. Don’t worry my parents, are interesting. Or they can take a Boruto approach and we watch their kids play videogames. They should make that series in 2038, 20 years from now. The 2000’s kids be like ” Oh yeah, Fortnite, GTA, and Minecraft. I forgot about those.”

Overall, good episode, I enjoyed it. And I’m ready for the next episode.



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  1. kof kof

    I can’t wait to read your reaction about the next episode.

    1. Pandora

      Thanks!!! I’m late! I hope your watched all of the seasons!!

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