Hugtto! Precure Episode 24

Am I the only one who thought this episode was a weak one? Ah man… just when I thought we were getting something interesting, they just cover it all up.

I get that Gelos has already debuted, but you’d think she would be a bit stronger. It honestly felt as though Gelos didn’t even try. Heck, after Dr. Trauma’s debut, her fight was well below the bar, and I am not impressed. It certainly didn’t help how her butlers appearance were weak as hell, making it feel as though they have have purpose to their existence besides being her accessories. And then to top things off, the fight couldn’t have been more boring. I don’t really care that this was supposed to be a ‘fun’ episode, they should have had a better follow up to last week’s fight, don’t drag it down again!

I was surprised to see Charleet and Pupple suddenly thrown into the mix, and are the ones responsible for recruiting Emiru and Lulu to join their talent agency (I knew it was only a matter of time before they would be scouted by anyone). If anything, if Lulu and Emiru were to get busy with that, this will only further isolate Hana from the group, being the only one who has yet to find the dream she wants to pursue.

And then there’s the biggest joke of all: Hana and the gang all transformed in front of everyone, so basically, their secret should be out in the open. But this is probably going to be something ignored entirely out of convenience.

It seems everything is still going according to George’s plans. Now more than ever, it seems he is more interested in how Hana will respond to the situations, and whether or not she will break. Honestly, I liked that we actually got to see at someone experience fear after having met the enemy. It is natural to feel that way. But what surprised me is how nobody but her mother noticed. And before long, it was something that was either quickly overshadowed by Emiru’s and Lulu’s performance, or will serve as an conflict that will grow over time. I honestly hope it’s the later, for story-telling sakes. While I don’t like the whole, “Hana-Show”, I do appreciate seeing the human side of her. I just wished we were able to see the same for the others. Watching her force that smile onto her face to cover up her fears and swim to hide her tears, that was tough.

Next week it looks like Homare will be back in the spotlight given her feelings for Harry. To top things off, not only Bishin will be making his debut and our favourite hamster’s secret is about to come out (about bloody time!). I am excited to see where this goes, hopefully it won’t disappoint.


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12 thoughts on “Hugtto! Precure Episode 24

  1. I sincerely hope they avoid the route of focusing on only one precure, like they did in KiraKira. What’s the point of having a team if the rest of the members have their plot end in a single mini-arc?

    1. This is my main concern as well. It shouldn’t be all about Hana and her sidekicks, but the group as a whole. What worries me the most about Homare’s character now, is making her character completely focused on Harry, and nothing else. :\ And what will become of Saaya? Goodness, Homare’s feelings for Harry is litterally the only thing keeping her on the radar, Saaya has more or less been completely written off the grid at this point.

      1. As much as I want it as well, I gave it up since most of the Precure shows are mediocre/disappointing at this aspect.
        I’m only hoping this season won’t become a disaster in the end because I enjoyed it more than last year.
        Speaking of last year, do plan to make a quick review of KiraKira Precure sometime?

        1. I actually haven’t watched it yet. And given my current schedule, I don’t think I will be checking it out anytime soon, so I can’t make any promises at this time.

          1. Ugh Go Princess can’t be one-hit wonder that happens once every few years….
            It is time for the franchise to get a different idea- hope, dreams, and love have been repeated to the point of being not reusable.
            Nothing lasts forever indeed.

  2. Hmmm I swear I am the only one on this site loving where HUGtto is going. I get the fight was pretty meh but everything else was fine in my opinion. Also, I feel like HUGtto is becoming more of a Emiru and Ruru show than a Hana show. Which is surprising because usually it would be more of a pink lead Cure show but at the moment HUGtto is putting so much attention on Emiru and Ruru that Hana and especially Saaya and Homare got the backseat. I am grateful that it seems we’re getting some main trio focus now with Homare grabbing back some spotlight but something tells me prepare for Harry to steal most the show…

    1. //Also, I feel like HUGtto is becoming more of a Emiru and Ruru show than a Hana show//
      Well you aren’t wrong about that. Emiru and Lulu’s songs need to stop now. Honestly, I am just sick of them at this point. Now that they have finally been scouted, hopefully that’ll put a stop to it for a while. Let’s focus on the main trio again!
      I wouldn’t even be mad that if Harry steals the show next week, because we are all dying to find out his secret!!!

      1. “Emiru and Lulu’s songs need to stop now. Honestly, I am just sick of them at this point.”
        And that’s another terrible decision making on the director’s behalf. Usually whenever a new Precure joined the team, they’re given several episodes to flesh out their characters but at the same time giving them enough time to interact and (of course) integrate with the group. However in Emiru and Lulu’s case, their friendship were already established BEFORE they’re Precures and we’ve seen enough episodes that were centered about them, but nah they still thought we want more Emiru & Lulu episodes. so let’s rip off LoveLive! and IdolMaster just for them to host a concert.
        Personally Emiru and Lulu are a hit & miss for me; on one hand I can tolerate them because they’re much better than Hana and Not-Rikka, but now they ate up too much screentime from Homare and others. This trend MUST stop already.

  3. “I don’t really care that this was supposed to be a ‘fun’ episode, they should have had a better follow up to last week’s fight”
    Actually no, it’s always time for a relaxed episode following a tense one to give the group some breathing air. Furthermore, Precure always had an emphasis on summer-based episodes and one could say it’s practically a tradition of the the Precure franchise. Otherwise Precure would’ve fallen out of favor with the younger (Japanese) audience a long time ago. (Sometimes we have to accept what the main demographic of this franchise is, it won’t have constant combats and deep psychological issues every time as it was NEVER intended for adults.)
    “While I don’t like the whole “Hana-Show”, I do appreciate seeing the human side of her.”
    I sincerely disagree, there’s NOTHING intriguing abut her inner traumas but as a facade to silence this loudmouth speaker once in a while. (Wish that could happen to Mana or Mirai in the past though…) Homare’s screentime is virtually reduced to nothing but a spectator for TOO long because of the director’s bias toward their cheer”leader” who had no such qualities. Given that being energetic and dorky is a universal trait for ALL Precure protagonists, Haruka AND (especially) Ichika were amazing but Hana would never make the cut.
    As much as I’m elated to see Homare (finally) having her episode next time, it felt that the directors already deserted many aspects that made her character so charming and relatable in the first place, so I don’t have high hopes of it being even remotely decent.

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