Ahahahaha! You know last week I rambled on about how it could assassins and all that jazz, but nah, never mind it’s just Matsuba creating a ruckus as usual! Honestly I should know better by now these things aren’t necessarily as intense as it appears! This is also why while I am freaking out about the final scene of the episode, I am also trying to restrain myself from going wild with speculations. Of course the first thing that came to mind when we saw the blond dude was: “SHIT. DANGER DANGER DANGER!” Of course he could be licking his lips in anticipate the meals Aoi would cook, as oppose to her simply being a delicious Human he would like to prey on. Especially since now that she has successfully helped Orio-ya attain the Tengu’s precious liquor, as she has produced results, Ranmaru may be more inclined to make use of her as she told him to since she knows they need her. Nonetheless, I am still terrified of who this dude might be and how Aoi might become a target. God, I am glad Oodanna is close-by.

This week’s episode focused on Hatori’s and Matsuba’s strained relationship. It is an understatement to say it was an emotional one. The truth is, both of them messed up. We learned Hatori was just a good kid looking out for his mother, and decided to get back at his father for constantly being an ass to his wife (and he was, no excuses. I am disappointed in you Matsuba!). However he went the wrong way about when he stole the Tengu’s liquor and sold it to an outsider. As result he was banished from Mt. Shumon and disowned, which resulted him being unable to be by his mother’s side when she died from an illness. Matsuba regreted his actions, but was too stubborn to admit it. Seriously, he could have at least given Hatori permission to see his mother. He had the nerve to say Hatori didn’t come to see her after he was the one to kick him out!

It turns out the reason why Sasara’s Gameni tasted different was because instead of making it bone-filled, she made it boneless in consideration of the children’s safety so they wouldn’t choke on it. Unfortunately Matsuba was too selfish to notice her efforts. God damn it old man. Still, their story was definitely a bittersweet one. I am glad the Matsuba and Hatori were able to patch things up by putting their mistakes behind them, and how Hatori was brought back into the Tengu Clan again, and was  able to obtain the liquor, even though he couldn’t tell him why he needed it.

Speaking of which, I was surprised about that not even the neighbouring Hachiyo’s know about this ceremony. It really is a top secret mission, which only makes gathering the national treasures all the more difficult task to complete. Of course while some may think it would be a lot easier to just tell the others the truth, we also have to bear in mind the other Hachiyo could exploit them for it, and use it as a means to gain power over their precious resources. Why Oodanna who is considered an outsider knows about the truth, most likely has to do with his relationship with Ginji.

Although the episode revolved around Hatori and Matsuba, the family theme extended to Aoi as well. She was envious of the fact Hatori was able to experience a dish filled with his mother’s love. That being said, I do want to quickly note, while we have heard Aoi loves her mother’s curry, there is a difference between a dish that will filled with love, and a dish made for the sole purpose of eating. It is safe to assume that her mother never did such thing, and Aoi simply ate what was given to her, and her mother’s curry just happened to be her favourite.

They also addressed how Aoi’s feelings for Oodanna has developed as well, which is nice because it hasn’t gone unnoticed that she has stopped shutting him down when it comes to him calling her his wife. The truth is, hearing that makes her think about how happy it could make her if someone like that was her family. This scene choked me up a bit because it just goes to show how lonely Aoi has been, and how badly she wishes she had a family she could call her own. At the same time, it makes me excited and even more emotional thinking about the reception she will receive when she finally returns to Tenjin-ya Inn. She will discover she has a whole family waiting and worrying for her! I expect myself to be a sobbing wreck when that happens.

The show is doing an excellent job of checking off the things on my headcanon’s wish lists I would like to see between Oodanna and Aoi. Honestly after all the fluff we got in last week’s episode, I didn’t think we would get too much in this episode. Boy am I happy to be wrong! I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when Aoi asked Oodanna to help her cook. As soon as Oodanna promised the secret meetings, cooking together was something that was quickly added to my wish list of things I want to see my OTP, so we have yet another fluff scene to cross off the list! And frankly, I am not used to my ships being spoiled like this. Heck I am so content with what we are getting, I wouldn’t be upset if we don’t get a kiss in this adaption. Crazy, I know, but as someone who loves slow-burn romance, I have quite a bit of patience when it comes to waiting for it to finally happen. Season 2 please?

Oodanna’s reaction when Aoi asked him to help her out had to be the most adorable thing he has done yet. He admitted he has always been jealous of Ginji being able to do that. However to do so, they had to clip his glorious nails (AHAHAHA), it was so cute, he just reminded himself they’ll grow back. Indeed! But hey, at least nobody was around to deny him from finally helping out! God they are so cute together!!!!!

It was also so cute to see Oodanna dressed up as a Tengu ahaha! Matsuba and Hatori finally caught him out since he wasn’t going to stand by and do nothing when Aoi was clearly unwell. Truth to be told, that surprised me. I mean, I always wondered whether or not Aoi would fall ill if she used too much spiritual power, and perhaps we saw just that. Although a day had already passed, Aoi has been keeping herself busy, and hasn’t had the time to properly recuperate after using such power for the first time. Oodanna had medicine prepared for her, so it is likely to he foresaw this happening at some point or another.

Next week, I suppose we may be meeting the new character! I wonder how he will shake things up. I suspect he is one of the other Hachiyo VIP guest they need to please. We will have to see whether or not he is someone who will make agreeable demands…


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    1. Eva

      It made me teary-eyed alright! Q A Q

  1. LePatissier

    Omg I am SO happy I found a place to discuss this show! It kills me that I have no one to talk to since everyone I know isn’t watching it right now because they want to binge watch it 😑
    I’m with you on the show fulfilling all our needs and I am just dying for a kiss from this show! Im truly hoping there’s a wedding at the end to seal the deal and wrap up the show. I think this is when we could see Aoi use the hagoromo and have all the characters gathered for a last hurrah/send off. If they don’t have a wedding after the entire marriage agreement and being called a bride/wife the whole show would be super disappointing. Seeing a traditional Japanese style wedding isn’t frequently shown and in this world with an ayakashi spin would be interesting and no doubt beautiful to boot!
    Aoi accepting Oodanna’s comments and not correcting him plus saying it’d make her happy OMG! Finally!!!! Tenjin-ya is obviously her home and she’s alone in the apparent realm so why go back when you made a new family in the hidden realm that loves you? Plus who wouldn’t want to marry Oodanna?! He’s so freaking cute and kind and has an entire spa for you to live in and enjoy for the rest of your life. Ritsuko obviously made the right choice when she had nothing to go back to and it seems we kind of have a parallel in that aspect between the two characters so maybe thats a hint?
    Fawning over Oodanna aside, the masked ayakashi I’m with you on. I think it’s Oodanna. The topic is avoided too much around him. I think he wants to hold back that info so Aoi doesn’t marry him just for that. I think he wants her love first then sweeten the pot with the I saved your life surprise. This is especially hinted at last episode like you mentioned about the mask in the fish inn. I think he doesn’t want to talk about it because Aoi clearly didn’t know or remember him in episode one and firmly rejected him to the point of hurting his feelings. It’s confirmed he’s hurt and thinks about it in episode 7 because he stops his sentence that aoi doesn’t like him since he’s an ogre.
    Another hinted at topic this episode is ayakashi wanting to marry humans (Matsuba wanted a human wife too). How does marrying a human boost ayakashi status when they seen people as food? Not to mention the sad lifespan difference 😢 I also wonder what kids would be like between the two and if humans can even bear ayakashi babies. I wonder this since there’s no mention of Nuinoin and Ritsuko having kids when Byakuya was forthcoming with info about them and Ritsuko talked to Aoi for almost a whole episode without even a whisper of children. Hmmmm…
    Last thought is about Ougun-douji. As creepy as she was last time we saw her I’m not fully convinced she’s bad. I feel like she’s pushed to durastic measures because of the ceremony. Perhaps she left Tenjinya to Oodanna because she wanted to open the Oriyo-ya in order to benefit the people of the southern lands since she once served as the hachiyo. Not to mention the fact she told Aoi she’d be back to eat her food the first time they met and was creepy then too but not malicious. I think she was testing her worthiness for the ceremony, tenjinya, and oodanna. We have seen two different personalities from her so let’s see who she really is later on I guess?
    Thanks for letting me speculate with you! It’s nice to have people to discuss with!!!

    1. Eva

      As much as I would love to see a wedding and a kiss, I’m not expecting a wedding or anything of the sorts unless they decide they want to make an “anime original ending”. More than anything, I already would love to see a second season, and am more than happy to wait it out if it requires more volumes to be out before they produce it. I have gone out of my way to avoid the novel spoilers as much as I can, but based on the covers I am assuming the anime will go up to Volume 5 out of the 8 so far.
      Ginji is like that red-herring that is shoved in your face until you are convinced it’s him.😂 And to some extent it has worked because it’s making people confused and causing them to forget the little hints that have pointed to Oodanna, or else they have missed them.
      I always wondered about that as well, about boosting the ayakashi status by marriage with a human. Although Matsuba’s mother was supposedly Human, we weren’t able to get more of a hint of what boosted their prestige. Maybe it has to do with boosting spiritual powers? According to the bit of the manga and novel I’ve read, only humans who can see Akayashi/have enough spiritual power can enter the Hidden Realm. I mean those Tan folks thought the world was going to come to an end with Aoi as Oodanna’s bride! 😅
      //I think he wants to hold back that info so Aoi doesn’t marry him just for that. I think he wants her love first then sweeten the pot with the I saved your life surprise //
      I was thinking the exact same thing. He wants to be loved as himself, not because he is her savior/out of obligation. But this would bit of a contradiction considering he had planned to marry her anyways as part of the deal he made with Shiro, unless he didn’t expect her to forget him.
      If that’s the case, would explain why he recoiled so harshly when she rejected him. His voice cracking when he trailed off in episode 7, got me right in the feels. I also wondered at that scene if he were the Akayashi, he thought maybe Aoi had forgotten about him. Of course not to long after that, he would learn that’s not the case since she brings it up to him but doesn’t finish.
      I also have a theory Aoi might actually know his true name (though i neglected to mention it in last week’s post, I had the note down too since they brought the subject of his “true name” up) but doesn’t remember. Since her memories are so hazy and always changing, it’s possible there’s a portion of her memory that left out his name, since he had promised to meet again when she was an adult. If that’s the case, something is bound to trigger it. I still think there is a chance there is more to the memory to see. I have also considered he was/is afraid she would be disappointed that it was him (an Ogre) who saved her, and not someone else, such as Ginji.
      That being said, I do find it rather interesting how Oodanna is no longer referring to her as his bride, but his wife. I always felt this way Oodanna’s way of conveying his love for her, especially when he is working hard to woo her by showing her he would make a great husband. They really came a long way when you consider how their first encounter was. Oodanna’s affection towards her started off really subtle, perhaps even guarded at times since he wasn’t expecting her to approach him after she insisted she refused to marry an Ogre. Now he is wearing his heart on his sleeve and it’s such an endearing thing. And hearing how he was jealous of Ginji this week, I always knew he was, but it was nice to hear him actually say it, especially without malice! It is so refreshing to see a love interest not be a jerk to the one they like because of jealousy.
      You know when you think about it, Aoi isn’t used to be doted on like this. She is not used to recieving so much love, because she never really expirenced it. It’s almost foreign to her. Although she has said (up until her gramps made her a collacteral to his debt) he has been good to her, sometimes I wonder how he was good to her, especially given she has never recieved love from her own mother.
      I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ougun-douji came to the Southern Lands to establish the Orio-ya Inn (and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has more elsewhere, just goes to show how powerful she is) to help boost the region’s economy. Poverty in general is especially bad in the Hidden Realm, but the Southern Lands have it rough with the curse and all.
      However the only reason why I am wary about Ougun-douji is because she undoubtedly played a role with baiting Aoi out to lock her up in the underground storeroom. I find it it rather hard to believe she would be careless enough to put Aoi in a malfunctioning storeroom that almost drowned her. There was also that wicked smirk when she came to pick them up. While Aoi certainly would be useful for ensuring the ceramony is successful, what becomes of her then?And if she isn’t the one behind the Assasination Attempts, then who is? So much questions!!! 😀
      It would be intersting if there were actually two Ougun-douji, especially since the first thing that was made apparent to me when we saw her for the second time, is the shift in the tone of voice. The first time they met, she was undoubtedly testing Aoi, especially since she knew her name. There was also the part where I wondered if she really blessed Aoi’s shop. This show has a lot of misdirections, so I also couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps she was purposely mixed with the tanuki dude to make it look like she blessed the place, when all was left was her presence and it was the article that made the difference.
      tldr; Ougun-douji may not be as evil as she looks, but I still don’t trust her ahaha! 😂
      I do have a crack theory she did it to help “progress” Aoi’s and Oodanna’s relationship (LOLZ), but I seriously doubt it.
      Whoops that got long! AHahahahahaha!😂 See, I cant stop thinking about it!

      1. LePatissier

        Thanks for gushing with me! It’s soooo nice to finally have someone to talk to about this show! 😀 Honestly I am kind of hoping for an “anime original ending” in this aspect because like you mentioned the light novels are still going. I have dug through the internet like a pig on a truffle hunt trying to find those to read but no luck T_T”
        However, I did read that they were approved to produce 26 episodes and because they approved 26 and the pace this anime is going I feel like it’ll be like Kamisama Hajimemashita where they’re still releasing chapters of the manga with extended storyline even though the anime followed the manga almost to the T until the anime ending. I’d love to see another season too but I know better than to get my hopes up anymore since people want to binge watch and move to the next thing for the most part (thanks Netflix >.>). So my hopes of them tying up the storying in a nicely delivered bow package would make me happy and I would continue to buy the light novels to support the author and satiate my desire for more of this show.
        **Side note: Have you read/watched Noragami? It follows the manga until the end of the first season and changes the ending thinking they wouldn’t get a second but us fans went on a tirade until we got our way XD I’ve been reading the manga too to hold myself over until season 3 but OMG they’ve been on hiatus for so damn long I forget to go back and check to see if anything new for the manga has been released and typically over 5 months pass and still NOTHING! It’s torture!!! How will they ever get a season 3 anime if they can’t even get the manga out?! It’s because of this loooong delay since they released the first two seasons that it doesn’t give me hope to see a 3rd since it’s popularity will most likely dwindle over time and I would absolutely hate for Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi to become like this too. Shows/manga take time and fans are impatient. I’m not saying I’m any different because I sadistically look forward to Mondays now since that’s when Kakuriyo’s new episodes come out (but then I have to go to work…insert tiny violin here.) and honestly salivate and speculate for a week until the next episode then get depressed I have to wait another week to get my next fix! :.<
        Oh definitely agree on the red herring haha. So apparently people are also saying the voice in the English version sounds more like Ginji and omg I made the mistake of even watching 2 mins of it in English before I ran screaming in the opposite direction. WATCH IN ENGLISH=SHOW TOTALLY RUINED!! Aoi’s voice changed WAY too much. I feel like they didn’t even try to find someone that even spoke remotely the same way to convey how her character feels and acts. In the Japanese version she seems more kind and collective even though we get the funny and ranty side of her that comes from Shiro. In English to me she sounds like a wreckless bull in a china shop. Sorry couldn’t think of a better way to put it. Ginji also sounds like a little boy when he’s in his adult form. JUST WRONG!
        So I’m also exploring the parameters of my cracked mind on the fact that Aoi’s dad is not mentioned AT ALL. So what if we come to find out she’s half or quarter ayakashi and that’s why she can see them and why her mom so desperately hated her if the dad was an ayakashi and ended up leaving or something thus transferring the mom’s hate onto her child. SO, what if in fact the ayakashi isn’t either Oodanna or Ginji but actually her dad?! Dun dun dun! OMG INSERT SEASON 3!!!! 😀 Her grandmother isn’t mentioned either but I feel like that’s more because Shiro wasn’t the marrying type even though he clearly produced children with someone. Which also begs to ask if it was the grandma who was ayakashi and then the dad half ayakashi (perhaps went to live in the hidden realm or something?) making Aoi quarter ayakashi and thus weak enough for this to go unnoticed? Hmmmm….this might also be me desperate to have Aoi able to live longer so she can be with Oodanna longer too >.< I know they’ve mentioned her spiritual power and how it resonates in her food but I think I’m stretching things haha.
        About the marrying a human aspect I think it’s like you mentioned about this show; they don’t leave things out in the wind and everything is related. With that being said, the first mention comes from the fire rat brat who stepped on Aoi’s foot who leaves everyone hanging without an explanation and then it’s mentioned Matsuba wanted to marry a human. I was wondering about the spiritual power too and that’s what’s gained and not something of a social standing (again they see people as food to increase their power so why marry your dinner?)
        Oh and yes the Tan made it sound like everyone was doomed!! What I don’t get by their reaction is that the social structure they’ve introduced doesn’t seem to indicate their balance of power would be that different regardless of marriage. They have a king and queen then 8 hachiyo that serve as regional lords who report to the king at the capital. So, even if Oodanna marries Aoi and becomes more powerful physically does that even mean anything other than he can just better protect his region? I mean he seems to be so well received by the public and admired not feared. People even come to talk to him off the street from what we’ve seen. The manga mentioning that only people who have enough spiritual power makes sense. I feel like it would be pointless to enter a world you can’t even see. In my mind I just see an anime character on a white piece of paper calling out “hellooo hellooo helloooo” with an echo and no replies XD
        I’m so glad you agree with me on the withholding info for love! I feel like that’s just the right thing if it is him and would be in his nature to do something along those lines. I also think, like you mentioned, Oodanna expected her to remember him and was probably very hurt initially by her lost memory but also her disdain for ayakashi. (Poor guy T.T) In all shows involving ayakashi/yokai they always mention how sad it is that a human can only live so short of a life *Suzuran brought this up when she learned about Shiro. So to them they experience time in a different sense than people do since they live such long lives. It’s also been a VERY long time since most of them were children so they probably don’t even remember how difficult it is to recall childhood memories. Btw LOVED the episode where Oodanna freaks out when he thinks Aoi is telling him he looks old! I cried with laughter that he only got worse when told he was acting like Shiro XD This makes me curious how old he is too since we know Sasuke is over 80 and still looks like a 15 year old but I don’t know if this is just characteristic of kamaitachi and they stay this way their whole life? I have soooo many questions!!!
        Episode 7 hit my feels hard too! I want to scream at both of them to talk and listen :…( I also think his advice for Aoi regarding Moonflower is his own philosophy on how to woo Aoi “keep at it little by little and don’t overwork it”. I mean as we’ve seen Aoi just takes time and some effort but it does help the relationship that they can be alone and actually get to know each other more. Oodanna’s working moves and Aoi isn’t really pushing away anymore and I want to gush all over the place squeee!!
        Thinking of his true name hit me episode one since I knew geisha call their patrons danna and Oodanna with the “large” kanji character implies more respect from what I was taught. Then something like Onigami/Onikami meaning literally Ogre God as was mentioned and I was like wait back up a sec he’s got a real name what is it??? I mean he wasn’t born the master of Tenjin-ya and wasn’t born as an Ogre god since we’ve heard details of how other characters have become great ayakashi. SO, he HAS to have another name and I think you’re on the mark! If he gave away his real name he might trigger a memory he doesn’t want to poke just yet. I think you may have a point about him worried about disappointment but at this stage I would hope he wouldn’t have to worry about that. I mean it’s not like it was Ranmaru who is a total asshole in her current stage of life (loved her reaction to that thought!). They’ve shown the mask being taken off but not the full face so maybe she’ll fully remember all on her own like she has been with flashbacks and dreams. The only thing is the super long hair of the ayakashi that didn’t come off as part of the mask like I’d thought it might. So we know Ginji can transform into a woman, and after some digging I read that in the manga Oodanna can too. Perhaps the strange dual voice we hear is the product of this transformation because he’s posing as a woman but is actually a man so the voice pitches blend? Idk.
        Something else I wanted to speculate with you about is that Aoi clearly recognizes Ginji in his true full size kitsune form in the sky even though she’s never seen him in that form to confirm it’s him but would assume the 9 tails gave it away. Oodanna mentions every ayakashi has it’s human form too so with that being said I hope we get to see Oodanna show his true form! I think it would be amazing if this show finally shows 1. How powerful he is since it’s been hinted at frequently and 2. If they choose an unexpected form that is actually beautiful or majestic but powerful (kind of like Ginji). From the masks we see it indicates a true form would be ferocious and terrifying but I think this would probably send Aoi screaming in the opposite direction of saying yes to being his wife if she saw that. Basically, if they portray him as something other than a fat red guy with a club and loin cloth I’d consider it tasteful XD I’d like to see a strong sculpted face that’s human like but elongated with his fangs showing, larger horns, and bright red eyes that is kind of terrifying but a muscular human-esque build that’s lean but full of muscle adorned with black spiked samurai type armor ^.^ I kind of feel like Aoi should know what his true name and form is before she signs on the dotted line right? I hope we might see this form should the ceremony fail or he need to fight Ougun-douji to protect Aoi and Ginji.
        OOOOOH yes! I’ve noticed she’s gone from hanayome (ogre bride) and fiance to newly wed wife and straight out wife. WE NEED A CEREMONY T_T I always love how he mentions he hears in the human realm it’s a husband’s duty or expected of a husband etc. So cute ^^ You’re right it’s so refreshing to have a guy who isn’t rude jealous or callus (Inuyasha types) and wears his heart on his sleeve without overdoing it or being pushy. It was refreshing to hear just blatant honesty from a loving perspective <3
        I didn’t stop to think about the doting like you mentioned. I’m sure Shiro was doting at times since Suzuran said she was a little spoiled as the girl but it’s shown that Aoi spent most of her time taking care of him drunk. Honestly, until I went to college I can relate to Aoi. I was the one serving my family and never looked at by guys even though I now realize it wasn’t my looks or personality and thought it was (she tells Oodanna I don’t have the kind of face worth looking at and turns away in ep. 7 not knowing what to do). Guys never paid me any attention until college and I couldn’t believe someone even took the time to hold a door open for me or offer to carry my laundry up 5 flights of stairs because it looked heavy. No one had done that for me before and it practically brought me to tears and took me by surprise every time. I’d never dated anyone and the whole concept was foreign when someone took interest in me and I was confused at times like Aoi on what I should feel or think (how to take Oodanna’s compliments or advances). I spent a lot of time even asking myself if something was normal or if something was expected of me. In my head I only had myself to rely on and placing my faith/trust in someone else or learning to rely on them took getting used to. Totally changed with my husband though since we spoil each other ^^ Sorry bit of self reflecting but hadn’t thought of that.
        Ougun-douji does seem to have everything figured out and planned but assassins also doesn’t seem like her style. So far she’s done what she wanted herself with her power. Plus would she have time to meddle with Aoi frequently given her concern at hand for the ceremony and the short time span they have to accomplish it? I don’t doubt she can manipulate but we saw a white masked woman with black hair talking to the daruma. Maybe a go between? Or maybe it’s the new blonde guy from the intro who has fire in his eye with Aoi reflected? If it was Ougun-douji and the attempts were unsuccessful I feel like that would be on purpose since she seems the type to get things done. Like they were more along the lines of testing Aoi’s mental and physical strength and Oodanna’s commitment to her? What do you think? Maybe the power Oodanna would gain by marrying Aoi would put him in a higher position than Ougun-douji and thus poses a potential threat to her? I really hope things like this are explained more later!
        I was kind of wondering if there were two of her too! Or maybe she’s just mental and has split personality disorder? I also thought she blessed Aoi’s shop until later on. I thought it was odd though that Aoi’s eyes went blank and maybe it was a test of character, food, merit, and how well she can be manipulated with her spells? Aoi also spent plenty of time explaining her situation at length with her for some reason and Ougun-douji even asked if she liked Oodanna which does leave me wondering if she’s the relationship catalyst they needed like you said, plus a tool to use for the ceremony.
        Sorry mine waas long too! It’s easy to do since we have 5 more days until a new episode T.T My mind can do a lot with five days leaving me crazy and eyeballs pressed to a screen on Monday >.<’ Also, no such thing as tldr I read it all 🙂 I need a gush buddy after all!
        Where I mentioned a disorder I can TOTALLY over read all the characters and sum them up as a mental disorder, but Aoi screams PTSD to me since we all have to endure her same flashback every episode that eats up precious screen time >:( Oodanna is hypervigilance since he’s worrying like her grandpa all the time. Ginji is definitely high functioning depression especially the way he acts before being called back to Oriyo-ya. Shiro was alcoholism/addiction and now Matsuba fills that seat. Akatsuki is 100% anger management all the time. Ougun-douji is multiple personality disorder. Oriyo is obsessive compulsive disorder. Hatori is perversion. Shizuna is low self esteem and naturally her stalker is 100% Tokihiko.

        1. Eva

          (I keep forgetting to mention this) I have good news about the novel! A fan has started translating the novels! I am so grateful! Hopefully it will be officially translated someday, I really want to own it (I am ADDICTED to this series). I will still be purchasing the novels though! (I am pleased to see it appears to be selling like hotcakes!) It’s the least I can do, especially if it doesn’t get picked up. Some day I’ll be fluent enough to read it for myself. 😭 The Manga has been licensed by Viz Media (Shoujo Beat) and the first volume will be out in January 2019.
          Regarding Noragami: The Manga was on break due to the author being on a emergency health related hiatus for a little over a year, and has resumed as of June 2018.
          And yes I have watched Noragami and I do read the manga 🙂 You can see my coverage of the first two seasons here (S1) and here (S2). (Note: I rescued the coverage of S1 starting Ep 7)
          I noticed as soon as Aoi started to consider Ginji was the Mystery Akayashi, they started to overlap both his and Oodanna’s Voices to convey Aoi’s confusion to the audience.
          I have seen a couple of theories floating around how it could possibly be her father. But considering she has neglected to mention ever having a father figure in her life (and the lack of), I’m going to say this is unlikely to be the case. I only say that because this show usually makes a point if they are planning to follow up on it. If her father was going to be relevant, I feel like it would have been established from the get go.
          YOu are actually right about Shiro, based off the manga and novel, Shiro would have his flings with various women but never actually marry them, even if they had children. It was no exaggeration how he was a scum and irresponsible man to say the least.
          The social structure is admitedly still unclear for me too, this is probably better explained at some point in the novels, or maybe they will get to it eventually in this series.
          Yes in the beginning it did look like he was anxious about her being disappointed with him, but seeing how she’s a lot more receptive to him now gives him a lot more hope, and we can see it through his actions (DAT BLUSH I’M DYINGGGGGGGGG)
          In regards to Ginji, yes I was thinking the same when Aoi recognized him. Maybe she was able to detect him because of his spiritual energy, or assumed that must’ve been him since he’s the only Kitsune around. I also believe we will be seeing Oodanna’s true form, and it’s very possible that it might actually resemble the Mystery Akayashi (since Ogres has been referred to as the Akayashi who can be easily mistaken as Humans until you notice their horns). That or it’s going to be an crazy beastly form like everyone elses’.
          Yes I agree with your point how assassins doesn’t seem to be Ougun-douji’s style. I have also considered she may be threatened by Oodanna attaining a higher status. Right now it certainly feels like she has a iron-grip on both of them, and has complete dominance— even after having left Tenjin-ya Inn in Oodanna’s care. But you’re also right about the white masked woman with black hair, especially since Oodanna has expressed the possibility of of Hachiyo being behind it. So maybe she’s the red-herring for that matter! 😂
          At the last point, damn you’re right about a lot of things.
          Haha don’t worry about the length! If you have a lot to say, I’m more than happy to read and dig deeper into the discussion!

          1. Stephanie Bucciarelli

            Gyaaa!! Really?! Any hints or links I can follow to get to the novel? I want to own it myself too and I am not great at remembering my kanji from college and it irritates me when I know I used to know one -_- I started reading up on your Noragami page (thanks for the links!) I’m sad I didn’t know that they stopped because of health problems >.< I thought they were just having writer’s block or publishing issues. I read the two new chapters today and hope for a season 3!
            You know I didn’t put that together! I noticed that sometimes it sounded more like Oodanna at times and more like Ginji at others then feminine at times. I like that this is a portrayal or confusion. I didn’t even think about that.
            I knew it was totally far fetched but still wonder about those two parts of unmentioned family and Aoi’s mom and why she left her other than she could see ayakashi. Not to mention did she not go to jail for child abandonment?!?! Maybe other family members could be another season or topic in the novel later on. You’re right this show is one of the few I’ve watched that really makes a good point to follow through with any info they provide.
            Wow he was scummy >.< I kind of figured that’s how he was but held out a hope that maybe he found someone as free spirited and crazy as him at one point. I’m just glad he was kind enough to take in both Suzuran and Akatsuki and later on Aoi.
            I’m also hoping for a social structure explanation. It seems to me that based on the building structures, clothes, technology, and everyday items, that there are some things from the apparent realm, like Moonflower’s kitchen, but I get more of the vibe that for the most part ayakashi abilities are more relied on for power (like the lanterns and Oodanna’s ogre fire powering Tenjin-ya) and that for the most part I feel like the hidden realm is more of an 1800s Japan that progressed it’s own way. Since I had that feeling, I was getting the vibe that the hachiyo are like shogun that are powerful and can take over other territories and eliminate each other if the opportunity arises and is still quite feudal. This would also tie into why so many are so poor short of natural disasters. Then maybe they meet at the capital as the official place to announce their business to the King who’s more or less like the emperor of Japan.
            OMG YES! His blush is so freaking cute!!! I love that although he may be calm, collected, and cool 99% of the time he can be caught off guard and blush when finally getting a compliment or affection himself <3 I love that!! I feel like Oodanna’s character style is SO rare in anime and I don’t really understand why. This is an example of a gentleman (which there should be more of) who can remain collected and coyly suggest an inappropriate action to get a rise out of Aoi without going too far to be creepy or pushy. I ADORE his sly remarks XD As you mentioned about him saying Ai is the first fruit of their love I was crying with laughter and watched it probably 12 times! I think my second favorite remark is when he says Aoi should just sleep in his arms in Moonflower <3 Sly devil 😀 I like that even though he has remarks about sleeping in the same bed or mentioning children via Ai he introduces the idea/thought to Aoi without implying he needs some sort of sexual gratification. He’s so sweet ^^
            Since Ginji was also near Oriyo-ya I could see that would be a good assumption it was him in his true form. I like in the intro that it shows Ranmaru and Ginji in their true forms. Honestly I would’ve thought a Koma-Inu would’ve been slightly different looking than a fox or at least have a fluffy mane but look fox like? OOOH I can’t wait to see Oodanna’s form >:D Regardless of what it is I think it’ll be surprising to say the least.
            On the topic of Ranmaru, it’s interesting on how all of a sudden he’s allowing Aoi in on staff meetings and not being as big of a jerk. I know they said Ranmaru cares most about results so maybe that’s how his opinion of her is becoming more favorable. He’s acknowledging her as the most important asset they have right now as he should. Though from his initial hate for Aoi because she’s a human, and Shiro’s granddaughter to boot, seemed like something that wouldn’t go away regardless of what she did. I’m glad to see I was wrong though! I would absolutely love it if by some twist Ranmaru fell for Aoi (or proposed a marriage & pay off her debt) because she brings such good business and results to the inn and sees her true nature past her humanity XD It would be adorable to see Oodanna’s reaction too since he worries about her so much as it is! That and it would be awesome to see Aoi simply shut him down like Hatori hehehe ^^
            Isn’t it odd how NO ONE ELSE at Oriyo-ya has pleased a single client they need something from? I mean if they hadn’t taken Aoi they’d be totally SOL. As far as the monkey goes he’s by far the most annoying character in anime I’ve watched short of Jakken from InuYasha. Uuugh less scenes with him will make me happy. I mean really, how could that monkey have taken the place of Ginji? That’s a slap in the face >.>
            I was honestly speechless when I saw Oodanna bow to Ougun-douji! O_o :O His eyes burning bright red and the mention of an unknown previous discussion or agreement with Ginji about his choice has peaked my interest. I felt like Oodanna was ready to start a war with Ougun-douji with Ginji which surprised me that he wasn’t able to do anything about Aoi being taken away from him. I don’t think he wouldn’t have voluntarily let this happen but if he’s so powerful why not get her back before they left? I don’t think it’s something they knew in advance but maybe he knew she’d be ok with Ginji and couldn’t win a battle against her alone? I am glad that Aoi being taken away has allowed their relationship to blossom since they have alone time ^^ There’s too many red-herrings!!!
            On a different topic, have you watched the series The Morose Monokean? I’d love to read what you written if so!

            1. Eva

              There’s two places I recommend you purchase from: CDJapan and AmazonJP Global is another option. I shop at both, but if you are going to order a bulk, CDJapan will at least let you choose the cheapest shipping option, and you can earn points you can save up and put towards the shipping fees in the future. AmazonJP Global offers the fastest shipping, but the heavier (more items) you order, the more costly it gets. Nevertheless, it’s worth comparing the prices.
              // I like that even though he has remarks about sleeping in the same bed or mentioning children via Ai he introduces the idea/thought to Aoi without implying he needs some sort of sexual gratification. He’s so sweet ^^//
              ALL. OF. THIS!
              We need more gentlemen characters! You don’t need jerks, jealousy and misunderstandings to make a story interesting! This is another reason why I really hope this show is successful, to show that there’s an audience who likes these type of characters and storyline. Can we also appreciate the fact there has been no fanservice at all in this series?
              And yes I really want to see Oodanna’s true form too! = v = Heehee~
              Ranmaru is definitely starting to acknowledge Aoi since she is actually producing results. Whether he likes it or not, it’s as you say, Orio-ya would be freaking SCREWED if she weren’t there. Seriously, she’s their savior and the lot of them continue to be ungrateful little shits. It will be interesting to see how they treat her now, since she contributed to making sure they got the Tengu’s Secret Liquor. I imagine Nene is going to be fuming in jealousy as soon as she gets the word Aoi has been gainning points of approval.
              I definitely thought Oodanna was ready to put up a fight against Ougun-douji on Ginji’s behalf, but at the same time he also knew what Ginji had to do and respected that decision. It would be catastrophic if Ginji abandoned his homeland. If they truely wish to fight Ougun-douji, that is something that will have to wait.
              More than anything, I don’t think Oodanna expected Ougun-douji to spirit Aoi away that night. He assumed she was there for Ginji and the others, but Aoi was a bonus prize. That’s why he he was jsut just a moment too late, or else Ougun-douji may just be <em. Regardless, as you say, Aoi being taken away was a good thing since it is allowing them to have some bonding time, and letting her learn to rely on him more than she would back at Tenjin-ya Inn, especially since she would also be too busy working at Moonflower.
              I have watched Fukigen na Mononokean, but I was only able to cover it up to Episode 3 since those types of shows are a lot more difficult for me to write about.


                Thanks for the tip I’ll definitely visit the site 🙂 So in this episode something else I’d been thinking about was Ai. When the explosion happened and left us all hanging I was curious if perhaps Ai had reverted to her original form or if she wasn’t ready to be left alone and exploded something! I had this notion because Oodanna said she was very unstable for an ogre fire. I was surprised they didn’t follow up on how her role panned out in the grand scheme of things and if she passed off as a real enough copy. I would assume so since she was seen with everyone else last episode.
                What I don’t get though is if she’s like a new born child AND unstable should she really be left alone that soon if she needs guidance and behavioral training/exposure? I hope in the coming episodes that if she’s featured we can see Ai in her preferred form instead of a green Aoi copy XD I kind of want to see her as a child in a little yukata running around if she doesn’t rest or live in the pendant Aoi wears :3 I am curious though the type of power she can grant Aoi and what kind of commands or demands she can make of Ai as far as protection and offense goes. I kind of get the feeling though that Ai will self sacrifice for Aoi or become so unstable by the end of the show she’ll vanish or revert to the pendant. I just have that feeling for some reason. At least now Aoi has permanent company whether she wants it or not!

                1. Eva

                  LOL I actually wondered the same, “Oh god, what if Ai made something explode?” I guess a familar has an instinct of a sorts of what they need to do, so while they needed some guidance, if they have a simple task it shouldn’t be too big of a deal…
                  Until someone requests her to make a meal for a VIP Guests, that’s when it’ll get dicey LOLZ. Alas, no need to think too much about that, let’s just enjoy their date 😛
                  I don’t think Ai will be going anywhere, I imagine she will evolve at some point. Oodanna says powerful ones can develop a Human form, so I’m sure we will see that come to fruition at some point or another. I am sure we will see Ai be used in other ways, perhaps not so much for secret dates, but more serious purposes of protecting Ai. Without the Tengu Fan, Aoi doesn’t have anything else at her disposal. At the very least, now she has Ai who would likely be able to help her if she were ever in danger.


    PS. Read your articles on Fukigen na Mononokean and couldn’t comment _>.<_/ I would assume the article is closed for comments since it’s been a while but I adore that show too! Fluffy is TOO CUTE and Monjiro is my favorite! Not sure if you finished it but it’s so good and I keep reading the manga when updated. Each chapter leaves me more curious each time I watch it and feeling something profound for the loss of life or the new life gained as a yokai and what it means to that individual and their loved ones mixed with my own experiences like you mentioned about pets T_T I was also surprised at how the underworld was portrayed! I was very surprised and pleased at the same time :3

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