After Episode 2’s rather weak showing, Episode 3 was quite a doozy. It didn’t take place in the antiques shop, but it did involve precious articles that were unfortunately destroyed. Luckily Holmes knows his stuff and was able to decipher the pieces just based on descriptions, being able to relay the messages that were lost along with them.

This week’s mystery revolves around the family drama of affairs. Once again, the general set-up was fairly standard, and the players of who were guilty of charge were obvious from the get go. Ayako and Kurashina were not discreet with how close the two of them were with each other. However I didn’t look far enough down the line to be able to predict Haruhiko to have been their love child. At that moment, when I realized what Holmes figured out, I flipped out, “OH MY GOD HARUHIKO ISN’T HIS CHILD!!!!!”.  The most hilarious part though, Holmes already had his suspicions the moment he saw Haruhiko. How he figured it out? Well the resemblance he was referring to, were Kurashina’s and Haruhiko’s identical ears! WTF?!?!?! SERIOUSLY DUDE?! AHAHAHA I CAN’T EVEN!

It turns out Kajiwara knew it all long. He had planned to break the news to Haruhiko as soon as he came to age, but unfortunately had passed before he could. So instead he left him the Taira no Tadamori scroll, the message hidden within the story the scroll was based off of: Tadamori’s Lantern. However the reason why Ayako destroyed the scrolls was not because of its message in the art’s background, heck she didn’t even know that was Kajiwara’s intention. It was only when she realized where Holmes was going with it that she freaked out and admitted being guilty of its destruction in attempt to close the case, and stop him from revealing the message left for Haruhiko. And he respected that decisions and attempted to leave before anyone could press for answer, but ended up telling them anyways as per Fuyuki and Akihito’s request.

Aside from the mystery, this week we learned something interesting about Holmes. When Aoi opened up how she is uncertain whether or not she still wants to follow through with her plan of confronting her exes, Holmes revealed the other reason why he hired Aoi, was because he understood what she was going through. Like Aoi, he too suffered from his lover being stolen away from him. That’s why he didn’t chide her for what she was about to do, and offered her the job to help her get the train ticket. His story was a curious one to say the least. He and his ex had started dating in their 3rd Year of High School, at the time, he took everything very seriously, and wanted to remain chaste until after the entrance exams were over. He says was keeping their realtionship pure in a way not to shame the Kiyotaka name (whatever that is supposed to mean. We weren’t given an explanation, but I suppose it will come around again at some point or another.) Once they were in college, she left him for an Osakan, and now she and that guy are getting married. It is only then when he started to let go of his feelings, coming to terms that they were just not meant to be. And hearing Holmes’ story, it seems to help Aoi get a better sense of closure, of knowing she doesn’t have to face her exes in order finally put her feelings to rest. I suppose you could say this why Holmes has a soft spot for Aoi, not really showing off the wicked side he talks so much about. He can be incredibly cheeky though.

But this explain a lot why Aoi and Holmes just seem to click, and further explains why Holmes can’t bring himself to leave her alone. Since the first episode, I have felt Aoi and Holmes have an interesting chemistry with each other, even though there’s a big of an age gap, the way the two interact each other feels absolutely seamless. I know this isn’t a romance (though at times they are really making me question that), but regardless I am certainly interested in seeing how their relationship will develop, and whether or not they will ever go beyond being just friends.


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  1. zztop

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Holmes. What other anime titles will you be dropping to make space for Holmes?
    Like Kakuriyo, Kyoto Holmes is based on an ongoing mystery novel series that has never been translated into English, official or fanmade. Currently there are 8 volumes.
    Funny story – I once went to Kyoto on a family trip and once a geisha walked past by us out of a rather dark street. My mother was nearly scared shitless because she thought the geisha was a ghost!

    1. Eva

      I decided to drop Hanebado! because as much as I like the show, I have a feeling I’m just going to rant about those bitchy rivals (they drive me nuts). So it’s something that’s better off watching. It is a similar case with Phantom of the Twilight and I felt I wasn’t super into covering it. If it doesn’t click with me, then it’s harder for me to find the words to express myself.
      I have good news about Kakuriyo though! A fan has started translating the novels! I am so grateful! Hopefully it will be officially translated someday, I really want to own it (I am ADDICTED to this series). I will still be purchasing the novels though! (I am pleased to see it appears to be selling like hotcakes!) It’s the least I can do, especially if it doesn’t get picked up. Some day I’ll be fluent enough to read it for myself. 😭

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