No mystery cases in this week’s episode! Instead they focused on quickly closed the chapter on the exes from the past. And I am glad they did, because it was something that has been haunting Aoi since the first episode, so it needed to be wrapped up sooner than later.

And thank god Aoi moved to Kyoto, because she had garbage “friends” in her old town! The poor girl, even though she knew there would be a possibility her exes would be there, she was not mentally prepared for the bullshit that would follow. It was absolutely awful. Nobody cared about how she felt, and to top things off, they sided up with the party who were to blame for her misery, pleading her to forgive them. How dare they call her out to meet up with them during a school trip under the pretence they want to catch up with her, only to do it so Katsumi and Sanae could “apologize” to her. GET THAT NONSENSE OUT OF HERE! These two fools had the audacity to face her and give her a half-assed apology after they Katsumi promised her he would try to get into a university in Kyoto and Sanae said she’ll keep an eye out so he doesn’t cheat— ONLY TO DATE EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY WERE “LONELY”, LIKE REALLY? UNBELIEVABLE! And yet, despite her heart being broken and betrayed all over again, Aoi takes the high road, and tells them she is not mad, instead she understands. Oh and you know what was also outrageous, her so-called friends were like, “GREAT NOW WE’RE ALL FRIENDS AGAIN”, UM, WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO DO IF SHE LASHED OUT? Just thinking how they would turn against her if she had done makes me shudder at the thought.

Thank god Holmes showed up to support Aoi, he had a feeling she would be struggling on her own. He (be it intentionally or unintentionally) smoothly raised a fuss by drawing out Katsumi’s true colors came out. The guy had the nerve when he jealous at the idea Aoi had already moved on to someone else, and (rightfully) earned a slap from Sanae who ran off. Hopefully this will result their breakup. That would ideally be the best outcome, considering they came to face Aoi in attempt to get rid of (if any) “guilt” chewing up inside. Nothing great than having their plan backfire and return to their hometown with more losses than gains. That would be karma for you.

But Aoi wasn’t the only one who had to face an ex from the past. Holmes former girlfriend Izumi came to the shop using her Royal Copenhagen she was gifted for the wedding as a means to see him. She had the nerve to even blabber on about her relationship problems, of her lover isn’t faithful to her, and yet while she considers breaking up with him, she stays with him, and accepted his hand in marriage anyways. What an idiot. Leave that scrum, but don’t expect Holmes to take you back! He is not a rebound! Needless to say, she tried to convey her feelings through the way they connected for the first time, a waka poem she made on the mountain in Shiga. She left him a Japanese Mugwort she made, with a message behind it.

“Although I love your dearly, I cannot say it, can’t you see my love for you. Can’t you see that my love for you burns like the sashimo grass on Mt. Ibuki?” to which he replied with a parody of Suo no Naishi’s poem, “For a passing whim as brief as the summer dream, to rest on your arm… What worth has such a pillow, if it should smother my name?”

AHAHAHAHA! Would you like some ice for that burn? Actually, I can’t remember if they mentioned it in the previous episodes, but this week we learned Holmes is actually studying literature and languages. It makes a lot more sense about how knowledgable he is, especially since he is into the arts and poetry.

Last point I wanted to make, again, I am kind of surprised there isn’t a romance label anywhere, even if it’s a subplot, because feelings are certainly growing (unless it actually has no intention of going anywhere). Today Holmes secretly picked out a Yukata for her to wear to the festival and the two of them were even holding hands after that shitstorm with her so-called friends. Holmes was a gentleman of letting her cry on his shoulder, and gave her the support she very much needed. A guy who is intelligent, loves poems and got her back, it is no wonder she is falling for him. But one has to wonder if this is something that may end up being one-sided. But at least she got some points and impressed Holmes when he realized she was able to figure out the poem. That being said, I would be surprised if he doesn’t notice her feelings for her, because he can read her mind for just about everything else, ahaha! If anything, if he doesn’t wish to pursue a relationship (especially since she’s still in highschool, as he made clear today to Akihito who needs to GTFO), he may either shut her down before the feelings become too strong, or feign ignorance (which would be hard to considering his reputation he has developed for himself), or end up actually reciprocate her feelings. Needless to say, it’s way too early to be predicting their relationship outcome. I should simply appreciate their friendship for the being, ahaha!

Next week, I suspect we will be diving back into the business and mysteries again! I’m looking forward to it!


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