After the emotionally heavy last two episodes, it was really nice to have something generally fun and light hearted. Though, still having a strong emotional impact and wrapping up the last arc in a nice way.

So, in the last episode we had All Might and Aizawa talk to the students parents and get permission for them to live in the newly built dorms on the U.A. campus. The dorms serve two purposes, 1. the protection of the students from the dangers of the villains. Who will clearly be more active with the absence of the symbol of Peace.
2. To try to keep an eye out for the leak, while it pains the headmaster to have to suspect the staff and the students. However, too much has leaked to the villains not to look into both possible avenues.

So the students are brought to the dorms, but before they are allowed in. Aizawa has to have a serious talk with all of them about the future. Minus the students who were hospitalized and not in Midoriya’s hospital room, everyone that knew that Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima, Yoyorozu and Midoriya were going to help Bakugo and turned a blind eye and didn’t tell the teachers. Were technically accomplices, and if it were not for the retirement of All Might and the fact that their presence there was greatly ignored as a result.
He would of expelled everyone, bar Bakugo, and the students that weren’t in the room. It leaves the whole class feeling awkward and tense and despite the fact that Bakugo does what he can to lighten the mood and let loose so everyone else can feel better.

They are let inside and we hear that the dorm is split into male/female, with the common area including the bathrooms and the laundry area. Though, sadly for Mineta there is still a male/female split. Aizawa lets the kids go to begin setting up their rooms, their things already brought there by the school.

The girls eventually come to meet up with the boys after everything is set up and declare a room rating contest among the students. At first, it just seems like they’re interested in checking out the guys rooms. Though after a few of the men take some severe blows to their pride, Mineta says that it’s not fair that only the boys rooms are on display and that they should check out the girls rooms as well. Usually, he would of been looked down on for such a thing but then there was the guys who had their pride bruised by the fact their room was either weird and creepy or just very normal and minimalistic backing him up. So it became a class wide actual contest for who had the best room.

If you want my personal opinion. It’s Todoroki. I mean, look at everything he managed to do to it in such a short amount of time. Like, dang boy, I know you said you worked hard but this is beyond nuts. It’s a full remodel! If I didn’t know what his quirk was, i’d be down for saying he had some kind of secret home decoration quirk.

Honestly, running through the designs of almost everyone’s rooms was honestly really fun. It was interesting to see the way their rooms reflect their personalities. Be it simple, complex, or just flat out weird. We don’t see Mineta’s room because the girls want nothing to do with it, Bakugo goes to sleep early and so we don’t see his room and Tsu excludes herself from the contest because she says she isn’t feeling well. In the end, Sato wins the room contest because he was baking a cake when the girls came in.
So they got to have cake, the cake was delicious.So he wins.

It’s cute, light hearted and fun. The losers give him something of a hard time about bribing his way to the top. Even though It was not a bribe at all. It’s a good laugh. As Todoroki goes to leave for the night, Uraraka stops him and asks him, Kirishima, Midoriya, Iida and Yoyorozu to go outside with her. Outside they meet with Tsu, who hadn’t actually been feeling under the weather…but wasn’t actually sure how to approach things.
She’d said some pretty blunt things at the hospital. The entire tone of the class felt strange and awkward. They wanted to return to things the way they were before, but they needed to know what they’d done was ultimately a problem. It was hurting her. All of this, it was secretly hurting all of them. This room rating contest had been a way to try to ease the tension in the class and return it so they could work together as a team and not have the air between them clouded with things unsaid.

It really did wrap up the lingering emotions and awkwardness between the class from the last arc. We look forward to the next arc with baited breathe. July 7th there will be no episode of MHA, but on the 14th we come back with a new opening and ending!