Midoriya had a really good idea in having everyone stick together at first, there is definitely an advantage in numbers and despite the other schools having a 1 up from watching the sports festival, they can not figure how the class has grown from the training camp and the practice session with their Ultimate techniques. The problem there though, comes with the fact that they could be split up easily. Honestly, it just takes the quirk of one person they are facing to break up the field after an intense earthquake and separate everyone from Class 1-A.

A majority of this weeks episode focuses mostly around Midoriya. As he is cut off from the group, he comes face to face with someone from Shiketsu High school, named Camie Utsushimi. She gets a point on Midoriya, but she also seems very interested in talking to him and getting to know him. Getting to know about why he wants to be a hero. Is it for fame? Money? To protect someone or something. Her interest on this borderlines on obsession and Midoriya much rather they have this talk after the exam.
As he is dealing with her. The students from Ketsubutsu come and are going to attack him. Things are looking poor when he sees Uraraka come to offer him help. Though as she is there and he is heading towards her, she slips and falls…
He rushes forward to save her. Despite knowing full well seeing this that she is absolutely a fake. Most likely, the girl from Shiketsu. He is absolutely right, and she melts back to her other appearance without wearing clothing. Flustering Midoriya but she doesn’t seem to care, she lashes out and attacks him and even scratches him across the face drawing blood before he’s saved by Sero and the real Uraraka.

The episode cuts to Todoroki who is one of the students who ran off on his own in the previous episode and he’s attacked by the Naruto squad. Er, a bunch of students wearing extremely colorful ninja garb. Who’s quirk seems to involve being able to enlarge objects? Perhaps only ones made of metal? The type of metal he is using is unable to be super heated and thus can’t be melted by Todoroki’s power. Despite how powerful Todoroki is. He may be in a little too deep this time.

54 students out of 100 have passed by the time the episode ends. Class 1-A is really going to have to up their game if they want to stand a chance. Inasa Yoarashi, was the first to pass the first phase and takes out 120 students in the process. Which is extremely impressive. So much so it wakes up the eternally sleepy and underpaid government worker. Who I adore by the way, mostly whoever they got to voice him. I need to look into his Seiyuu, because he is absolutely perfect.

Overall this was a pretty interesting episode. It really does hint that things are going to be hard in the future for Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A. I am rooting for all of the, but I know for a fact they won’t all pass. I also have some theories about Camie, but considering that comes from illegal knowledge about the manga and things we haven’t learned in the anime yet. I’ll keep them to myself. Just keep in mind that everything may not be as it appears.