As if nothing ever stopped airing, Overlord, and I, return to the blog! And after the events of the last season surely we’ll open up to some new interesting lore or the foreshadowing of a new threat! Well, not exactly. I found myself laughing as soon as I watched Overlord III’s first episode and realized it was a slice of life vacation episode for the majority of the episode. So it begged the question, how do NPCs have fun anyway? As much as I wanted to be frustrated at the subject manner given how tense and interesting Overlord usually is, Albedo made a great yandere face really early on and that’s basically 60% of the reason I watch this show, so I’m on board.

Albedo the Yandere eternal waifu

I honestly feel like this episode should have belonged somewhere else. There is no way in any

Here’s a camo loli maid…god is this show just going for anime bingo now??

feasible universe that Season III Episode I is a good beginning to anything- it’s a slice of life episode that only fans of the series could get into. While I’m certainly not saying I want an exposition dump at the beginning of each season, it feels as though the plot was rushed and imprecise. Half of the episode was just Albedo and Shalltear arguing as usual because it turns out Albedo needed to have sex with someone to ride her evil unicorn. Man is this what the world will be like once Ains is the true Overlord? Just Ains practicing his evil poses and Hamusuke learning to use a reptile tail to beast mode things?

Talking about this episode makes me feel like I come across as someone who dislikes Overlord: I don’t dislike the show at all. But I definitely notice that there is a serious lacking in this episode and I would never claim it to be ‘good’ in any sense. Even in the middle of an average season, I would feel it was a little underwhelming: nothing new happened for it. I feel like it’s really time for Albedo’s perversions towards Ains to be dealt with. Ains is the one who changed her into being this way and he knows she is a succubus, but he isn’t interested in her. He either needs to reject her and face the consequences or the show needs to actually develop her as a love interest. So far, she is just a comedic relief NPC who is in love with him. I’m hoping this season will finally show off Albedo more, as it feels like it is really her turn.

Plus she really needs to ride that bicorn. Come on man!

First Impression: Very slow, inappropriately placed episode for the beginning of the season.

Visuals: Had some great moments in it, as Overlord always does, and some ‘quality’ moments too.

Story: Same old, same old. Nothing new to see and disappointing.

The possibility of blogging: Guaranteed, because I am a shameless Overlord and Albedo fangirl and I know this was …hopefully….just a hiccup in what will probably be a fantastic season. But seriously, skeleton hot tub scene? Dear God, please end this pain.