Well, I feel like the show is finally making some stride towards something. I’m still not sure what it is because I still remain confused, but we’re getting somewhere to unraveling what the true criminals want and who they are. Kind of.

Again I say, the animation in this show is incredibly impressive. The whole chase scene was exciting to watch as well as the fight scenes. Some things we were able to learn this episode: Koku is looking for someone, a girl, and I guess it’s the pink-haired girl that’s working with the criminals. We don’t really know what kind of relationship they have but we do know that Koku and the others with face paint knew each other since they were young. Obviously, they’re not human, so I don’t know if they’re a special type of breed of something or were experimented on, because honestly at this point I can just make any guesses I want. He used to be quite close to them, like a family maybe, but some time down the line Koku sealed away his own memories for some reason we don’t know yet. The white-haired one he fought tried to make him remember the lake they were in, and for a split second he did, but Koku is still fixated on “her”. And we’ve known this since the first episode that Koku seems to be the black-winged king that the group with face paint want. Again, I still don’t know what that means but he seems to be incredibly important to them and they need to capture him alive. In the end though Koku kills the white-haired guy and he leaves, but without leaving a trace.

Keith is sharp and he noticed something was up on the roof of the building and when he saw something leave, he grabbed the car with Boris and went after it. He doesn’t know what he’s chasing, but he wanted to chase it. While he’s chasing them, Kaela is fighting off against the hacker when all of a sudden he stops, only because he was killed by one of the face paint people. He releases a gas in the building and it seems like all is lost, but it was only a knockout gas.

Just like with the case in the first episode, there’s a pattern to the crimes that Keith has already noticed. He theorized that the gas was a fake, and he was right, because the criminals are just decoys for the real criminals. The crimes, such as the military vehicle and the gas at the charity party are just fronts for the real crimes of the real criminals to happen in the background while everyone is distracted. The real criminals being the group of people with the face paint. They’re using these crimes to follow their own agenda, which is luring Koku out, which Keith theorizes is luring out Killer B. And he’s exactly right. When he and Boris arrive at the lake where Koku and the other had fought, he found traces of oxidized particles and blue steel in the water. It’s strange and he knows it, and he’s getting closer to finding out what truly is going on and who is behind it all, and also close to getting to Killer B.

There’s slow progress being made but still lots of questions that need to be answered. I’m still not sure if I’m liking the show but I’m a lot more intrigued to find out what and who Koku really is, as well as the rest of the people with the face paint.


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