The show slows down this time and this time the characters sit down to just, think. And research. Koku is out to research what Canopus is, and Lily visits Keith’s place in hopes that he could unravel the annoying knots in her head the current crimes are causing. Keith also goes to the library to do some research, but we don’t know what. I’m guessing it has to do with the woman that’s been mentioned that was Keith’s wife/girlfriend who was killed.

This episode was pretty simple. Koku learns from Lily that Canopus is a star, and so he thinks the star is connected to him somehow. For Lily, she drives herself to Keith’s apartment with a box full of files and binders from work about the past crimes being committed that all have some sort of connection. For us the audience, we already know what’s going on, but Lily has no idea what to make of everything. She talks it over with Keith, who does his own thing, and she tries to demonstrate her thinking with the bread she brought. She knows there has to be a third party being involved, but she doesn’t really understand it and it’s all literally just a mess of bread on the table, just like how this whole investigation is a mess. Keith suddenly confronts her and tells her not to get involved, probably because Keith already knew all this and suspects it could get dangerous and doesn’t want her to be part of it. But considering what happened in the end, everyone at RIS is going to be involved. Then things quickly get more lighthearted as Keith slips and falls on the food he threw, Lily falls on him, and Boris rams through his door. Which honestly was pretty funny. And then the rest of the crew come over to have a drinking party and have fun.

Only one didn’t go, and it was Brandon. And unfortunately for him, he never could because he was murdered in the elevator. Noticing that he was being watched through his camera phone, he leaves in a hurry but ends up getting killed by the people in the elevator, with Killer B’s sign inside the elevator. Next episode should be pretty exciting!

I’m glad that we got more time to get to know Lily. She seems like a pretty hotheaded person. She’s friendly, talkative, and really gets fired up. She cares about what she does and is racking her brain in order to make sense of the mess of the investigation. But like Boris, I can’t tell if she’s smart or dumb. Maybe both. Her exchange with Keith was pretty fun.

I’m also curious about the woman from Keith’s life. She was killed and the case wasn’t solved apparently, but my goodness the way she was killed was harsh to hear.

Also, the visual kei group. Are they literally drinking liquified gold? They’re stomach acis must be worth so much money. The one with the red crescent on his face mentioned the others in the group doing their cover jobs, and it’s no mystery that they’re the ones that killed Brandon in the elevator. They seem to be on a tight schedule and their leader is giving them hell. They really need to capture Koku and get him on their side, for whatever reason. These people still make no sense and pose the biggest mystery in this show. All we know, is that Koku doesn’t give a damn about them and only wants the pink-haired girl (I’m guessing). I wonder what they’re next move is going to be. I’m more interested in the police drama more to be honest.


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  1. zztop

    Later episodes will answer your many questions about the visual kei and their motivations, and Keith’s investigations.
    Please note however that Keith’s side, in my personal opinion, is more tightly written and conclusive.

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