Episodes 2 and 3 finish up the “Evil Spirits All Over” or the old school house arc.

In episode 2, The monk, shrine maiden and exorcist all make an attempt to drive the evil spirits out. Though the medium and Naru insist that there are no spirits in the old school building at all.
Naru even provides proof at one point that the building is sinking and thus is structurally unsound. Which can explain much of the supposedly ‘supernatural’ phenomenon they have encountered since entering the building.
Though after the building shakes and there is a large amount of knocking and things that can not be explained by the building sinking.
He gets very mad at himself and storms off.

Mai, still believing him him. Stays at the old school building to wait for him. Though why she decides to stick up for him and stay loyal to him when she thinks he’s a stuck up jerk is a little strange.
I suppose, it can be explained in the idea that Mai in her short time with him has gotten used to the air of mystery and intrigue. She says herself that the idea of the school building being haunted always seemed fantastical, interesting, even romantic to her.
She doesn’t want to have to give up this fun and this life so quickly. Also, despite her slights against his personality. When she bumps her head at the end of the second episode and dreams of Naru at the beginning of the third episode. She thinks to herself that she finds him handsome. In particular when he smiles.

Episode 3 explains that Naru was half right. Also half wrong. The building was in fact sinking and structurally unsound. There was also a Poltergeist at the school, caused by a latent psychic. By the very girl who had been insisting from the beginning that there were ghosts at the old school house.
Mai’s classmate Kuroda.
It’s interesting that the anime took this turn. I thought for sure they were going to merely pass her off as someone attention seeking, but actually linking her ‘abilities’ to the haunting and making her important was interesting.

Though she’s still extensively annoying.

Though episode 3 does bring back, but not do much with my favorite character in the series. Naru’s real assistant, Lin Koujo! There he is, he’s so perfect and cute and kind of a complete and utter emotionally closed off jerk. I love him.

Anyway, they solve the case about the school house and as a honor to Kuroda. They tell the principal that it was ghosts from the war and they’ve been exercised. Each person called in to help with the haunting takes a bit of credit for clearing the school house of ghosts.
Eventually, a few days later the old school building does collapse. The other students at the school think that it was the ghosts that Kuroda was talking about and for the most part. Everything works out.
Though Mai misses it. She misses working with Naru and the other colorful characters they met while investigating the school building.
When she gets a call from Naru saying he’s going to mail her the money he owes her from her time spent working for him. He also offers her a position working for him.
Thus is the story of how Mai began working for Shibuya Psychic Research or SPR for short.

Next episode, The Doll House part 1…also known as “How many Jonathan Coulton- Creepy Doll references can I work into one review.”, alternatively, “the creepiest arc in this entire series.”


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  1. jsyschan

    Oh man…Lin’s great. I love how Mai has those exaggerated faces. It’s great for her character.

    I hope you don’t mind me being a bit greedy here, but with regards to my comment from episode 1, what did you think of the comment?

    1. MidnightDevont

      Mai’s exaggerated faces are perfect for her character xD they are also just super fun to watch. Also yes, Lin is amazing. I adore him so much. As for the episode 1 comment, you’re basically right. It is a very much go with the flow series. I also had no idea that the authors were married, I did love Another as well. I even actually own the light novel for it. Are the ghost hunt light novels translated? I don’t think they are sadly.

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